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Testimony Regarding Seminole Indian Compact

February 12, 2009 Statement to theHouse Select Committee on Seminole Indian Compact ReviewBy Nathan Dunn – Vice President of Public PolicyFlorida Family Action My name is Nathan Dunn and I represent Florida Family Action. We are associated nationally with Focus on the...

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>Pro-Life Still Preeminent Issue

>Joel Belz wrote this compelling piece in WORLD Magazine that urges evangelicals to continue to focus on the sanctity of human life and marriage as core issues- worthy of being lifted above other important issues. Stop ApologizingIt's not always wrong to be a...

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Anti-slots campaign targets Jan. 29 vote

From the Miami Herald: A new anti-casinos group that includes greyhound advocates, mothers against gambling and conservative Christian organizations declared Wednesday that ''Miami is not for sale'' as it announced plans to fight the Jan. 29 slot machine referendum....

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Support for Gay Marriage Decreases

A new study out by the respected Pew Research Center indicates more American's are frowning upon the idea of allowing homosexuals to marry. The report states: "Currently, a clear majority (57%) of the public opposes allowing gays and lesbians to marry, up from 51% in...

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