Strong Marriages Florida

Strong Marriages Florida is an ongoing campaign to help create and sustain a “marriage movement” in Florida, with the goal of strengthening marriages and reducing the divorce rate in Florida. The campaign was launched in 2009 in response to the high number of divorces in Florida and the negative economic impact that the fragmentation of families has on Florida taxpayers and our communities.

Campaign Objectives and Goals

  • Increase the number of couples receiving pre-marital preparation and counseling.
  • Strengthen existing marriages and provide help to restore crisis marriages.
  • Reduce the number of divorces in Florida by 10%.
  • Save taxpayers the costs of family fragmentation by over $100 million annually.
  • Create community awareness and a positive culture of marriage that celebrates and respects the institution of marriage for the benefit of children, families, and the common good of society.

Strong Marriages Florida has both and a church/community component and a public policy component. The community component includes encouraging pastors to commit to requiring marriage preparation for all couples prior to performing a wedding and provide resources to help marriages in crisis.

In terms of policy, we continue to study and share current research about the status of marriage and divorce in Florida and the impact that the fragmentation of the family has on our society.

We are also working to pass the Florida Guide to a Healthy Marriage in the Legislature, which includes resources on conflict management, communication skills, family expectations, financial responsibilities and management, domestic violence, and parenting responsibilities; current information from marriage education and family advocates to assist in forming and maintaining a long-term marital relationship; and information regarding premarital education, marriage enrichment education, and resources that are available to help restore a marriage that is potentially moving toward dissolution. This guide would be required reading for all Florida couples considering marriage, unless they participate in an approved pre-marital preparation and counseling course.

Q- How do I get involved? 

Live the Life Ministries is looking for serious leaders who share this vision for strong marriages and families, and are willing to go “all in” to transform their community in dramatic ways.  Contact them at (850) 668-3700 or email [email protected] to get started!

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