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Week 1 of 9: Florida Family Policy Council’s Insider’s Report Week One of Florida’s Legislative Session

This week was the first week of Florida’s 2016 Legislative Session. We are excited to bring to you FFPC’s first Legislative Insider’s Report for this year. But before we do, we want to remind you of an exciting opportunity coming up in January—our 3rd Annual Pro-Family Lobbying Days at the Capitol and Legislative Prayer Breakfast, January 25-26.

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Register Now for Pro-Life, Pro-Family Days at the Capitol | January 25-26

Florida’s legislative session begins in January this next year. It is important to register now for Pro-Family Days at the Capitol, our 3rd annual training event and legislative prayer breakfast in Tallahassee which will be held on Monday and Tuesday, January 25-26, 2016.  Registration is only $50 for this life-changing event, and discounted to only $25 for full time pastors.  Sign up today!

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Spaghetti Sauce, Family Traditions, Christmas, and the Amazing Grace of God…

What is truly sad on this Christmas is that an increasing percentage of our children, families and communities in Florida and across the country will have no life experiences with a family to relate any tradition, values or future generations to. Inner cities devastated by unwed moms with absent fathers; children whose lives were unexpectedly shattered through the tragedy of a divorce; the elderly who will in greater numbers pass on prematurely in loneliness with no one to care for them; and children who have never been to a wedding much less seen how a “marriage” operates in their little worlds, will have no vision of marriage or family to even consider for the future.

But this is why we fight. This is why we labor. This is why the Board and the staff of the Florida Family Policy Council will not rest until we have used every resource entrusted to us to see life protected, marriage defended and the family strengthened. Families are an amazing gift of common grace from God. This Christmas season, we who have any semblance of a family at all in this broken world, should be humbled and grateful for this great gift from our heavenly Father.

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