Parents know their children better than anyone. In light of that, parents should have the first and last say in how and where their children receive their education. School systems and teachers need to consult parents and incorporate the values of parents while planning the development of the children. An education shapes a child for life. Both parents and the schools have an extraordinary responsibility to our children and the future they will build.

We have collected resources on each issue to the left of the page and below including basic information and talking points, comprehensive research, websites, organizations and more:

School Choice – Education choice improves academic outcomes, leads to more satisfaction among parents, enhances school safety, reduces criminal behavior, and can have positive impacts on later life outcomes, such as earnings (The Heritage Foundation). Learn more about this vital option for students on our resource page.

Parents’ Rights – Parents know what is best for their child’s development. Not the government. It’s important that we equip parents to know and protect their rights when it comes to important issues like their child’s health and education. Visit our resource page for more information.

Science Curriculum – Despite what the media and your school might tell you, all scientists do not agree on evolution. In fact, many scientists believe in intelligent design, but are often being ostracized, denied tenure or fired for questioning the belief of “accidental, random chance” in favor of a Creator. Read more on this important topic, and find video resources here.

Sex Education & Abstinence – Teens and adults who refrain from sexual activity before marriage are known to avoid such negative outcomes such as sexually-transmitted disease, depression, out-of-wedlock child bearing, and are more likely to have positive life outcomes. Even the federal government agrees, calling abstinence and monogamy “the most reliable way to avoid transmission of STDs.” Learn more about Sexual Risk Avoidance (Abstinence) Education on our resource page.

Gender Identity, Bathrooms, & The Transgender Movement – We have all heard stories of girls being forced to share school locker rooms and showers with boys (and vice versa), teachers being fired or forced to change schools because they do not agree with the schools “transgender” bathroom policy or not using the correct “pronoun,” children being taken away from their parents by the government because they did not affirm their new “identity”…and the list goes on.

Rather than protecting our students from potential sexual abuse, inappropriate situations, and parental rights (who know what is best for their child), our culture, government and schools are eating away at the very fabric and foundation society, the family. Though the current chaos seems overwhelming, we have compiled a list of resources to aid you in understanding this issue and get help if you or your child are struggling with gender dysphoria.

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