(Miami, FL) Florida Red and Blue, a homosexual front group, who opposes Amendment 2 to define marriage between one man and one woman, was tossed out of court this evening after filing a frivolous lawsuit in a Miami Circuit Court late last week.  Attorney Harry Mihet of Liberty Counsel represented Florida4Marriage.org and its State Chairman John Stemberger both of whom were sued.  The lawsuit sought to freeze the marriage campaign bank accounts and remove all television ads for alleged violations of Florida election law.  According to Attorney Mihet, the court in an oral ruling with media and news reporters present denied all counts of plaintiff’s motion and found there was no basis for an emergency hearing, no basis for injunctive relief and no likelihood of success on the merits of the claim. 

The attorney representing Red and Blue who filed the suit was Benedict P. Kuehne, who was indicted in February for conspiracy, money laundering and obstruction of justice relating to money from the Medellin drug cartel in Colombia.  Attorneys for the Yes2Marriage.org campaign also demanded that the suit be dismissed and that attorneys fees and costs be awarded.  Plaintiffs Red and Blue are expected to withdraw the lawsuit or else be subject to financial penalties for bringing a merit less claim. 

State Chairman John Stemberger said, “This is typical of the desperate and unethical campaign this crowd has run since day one.   They can not survive in the marketplace of ideas by arguing whether or not same sex marriage is good for Florida’s children and families.  All they have had to offer is scare tactics and intimidation.  This and other complaints they have filed against us are a publicity stunt on the eve of the election to try and confuse voters because they are tanking in the polls.  The people of Florida will have the final say on marriage in spite of their dirty tricks.” 

* Motion to for Sanctions to Red and Blue for filing a frivilous claim: HERE
* Brief filed by Liberty Counsel on behalf of Florida4Marriage.org HERE

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