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Sadly, many Americans today do not know or understand the proper role of our government. This has led to a loss of freedom—including in the areas of religious liberty and free speech. According to a 2017 survey, only 26% of Americans can name the 3 branches of government, more than 37% cannot name the rights guaranteed under the First Amendment. This unfamiliarity with our founding documents, has also allowed activist judges to legislate from the bench radical social change through unconstitutional use of power. It’s critical for Christians to know and understand the foundations of our freedoms, in order to preserve them.

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Judicial Activism – The left in this country and in Florida cannot and will not succeed in establishing their liberal, anti-family agenda without activist judges–judges who legislate from the bench and force their social agenda on the American people. Liberals have failed to get their agenda passed through elected bodies of government that are accountable to real people who have families and vote their values and must rely upon the activist judges who are seeking radical social change through the unconstitutional use of raw judicial power.

Religious Liberty – Our nation was founded on the core principle of religious freedom. Yet, today we are faced with almost daily assaults against our religious liberties. Freedom of religion is now viewed as freedom from religion. People of faith are being hindered on every front from expressing their faith and values in the public square. Every level of government has a fundamental responsibility to protect and defend the ability of Floridians to express their religious faith and heritage. Visit our resource page to learn more.

Church & State – Used to bully Christians out of getting involved in and influencing government and schools, the phrase “wall of separation between church and state” is widely misunderstood and is NOT found in our Constitution or founding legal documents. Learn more about this issue and why Christians must be involved in government on our resource page.

Free Speech & First Amendment – Our First Amendment rights of religious liberty, free speech and freedom of association are under constant threat today. Learn what free speech is, why it matters, and what you can do to protect your rights at home, on campus, and in the public sphere on our resource page.

Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity Laws – All across the country at city, county, and state levels these new laws are being used as weapons to punish Christians who are simply living out their faith in as a small business owner or employer. These laws allow individuals to sue employers and landowners based on newly protected classes of sexual orientation and gender identity or expression. More importantly, around the country, similar laws have created privacy and security issues, allowing men to have unrestricted access to women’s showers, bathrooms and locker rooms in facilities declared a public accommodation (such as YMCAs, Adult and Youth Sports Leagues & Homeless and Domestic Violence Shelters and other similar public facilities. Visit our resource page for information to help you understand this important issue.

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