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Week of 8.28.2023



Incredible Victory:
Millions of Children Now Protected

On August 16th, something incredible happened. North Carolina became the twentieth state to pass a Help Not Harm law, even overriding their governor’s veto to do so. That means that across the nation, millions of children are now protected from transgender procedures.

Florida is one of the 20 states that have passed a Help Not Harm law. The Florida Bill: “Gender Interventions on Minors Act” is detailed here. (See Sexuality/Marriage/Gender Issues – Support 3 – HB 1421/SB 254)

In addition, you can view all of the bills passed this year in Florida.

Thank you for making this milestone possible. Your prayers and support enabled us advocate on the front lines in Tallahassee for this critical piece of legislation.  Because of you, children in Florida will not suffer the irreversible harm and heavy baggage of so-called ‘gender transition.’

We hope you will enjoy this brief, inspiring 2 minute video celebrating the success of the 20 states that chose to #HelpNotHarm.

Equipping Leaders in South Florida

Our leader of Pastoral Ministries, Dr. Kevin Baird, was recently honored to speak at the South Florida Bible College & Theological Seminary in Deerfield Beach, Florida, at their quarterly ministerial meeting.

This amazing educational institution hosted approximately 60 pastors and Christian leaders. Those attending learned about the Florida Capitol Project and what it means to be an elder at the gate of their state. 

To learn more about the Florida Capitol Project and the events scheduled for 2024, visit the Florida Capitol Project website here.

101 Student Scholarships Awarded!

We are excited to announce that this year we were able to award the following student scholarships this year:


35 scholarships to Patriot Academy Leadership Conference

18 scholarships to Summit Ministries

4 scholarships to Teen Pact

2 scholarships to Forge

40 scholarships to Pro-Family Days

2 scholarships to Wycliffe Hall Summer School


These scholarships are changing the lives of students and young adults. These opportunities provide an immersive experience that equip students with vital leadership skills, foster a deep understanding of civic responsibility, and ignite a passion for positive change within their communities. We are sowing seeds for a brighter tomorrow!


To learn more about these student and youth scholarships, visit our website here.

“Having a Biblical World View”

New Episodes on Florida Focus

Join Noah Fay and Aaron DiPietro each week on Florida Focus, where politics, culture, and a Biblical worldview collide. Recently, Noah and Aaron sat down to film a four-part series on Biblical Worldview. This is available on YouTube as part of the Florida Focus show. Click here to watch part one now.

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