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The First Really Bad Idea of 2007

On their best day, the so called "pro-choice" advocates say they want to make abortions "safe, rare and legal". But the latest bad idea they have come up with is Exhibit "A" as to why they are not pro-choice at all, but pro-abortion. The "award winning" license plate...

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Amniotic Fluid offers new Stem Cell Hope

There is an ongoing national debate over the best way to approach scientific research using stem cells. The debate has centered around those who want to destroy human embryos for the purpose of obtaining stem cells for experiments verses those who want to pursue the...

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The Death of Terri Schiavo — Years Later

Principled Thinking & Christian Perspectives on Euthanasia and the End of Life March 31, 2006 By John Stemberger, President and General Counsel Florida Family Policy Council www.FLFamily.org One Year Later Friday March 31, 2006 marks the one year anniversary since...

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In Everything Give Thanks

"During a cold day in November, the week of thanksgiving in 1959, we had no heat in the house, mother was very ill with asthma, and daddy had left at 6:00 a.m. for work as he faithfully did every morning, trying to make things better for us. During that week in which...

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Because You are My Son

Tonight, my son asked me a profound and interesting question. He wondered, "How do we turn to dust when we die?" Now, how do you respond to a question like that in terms that a five year old can understand? I don't remember reading that in my "Parenting for Dummies"...

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