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>In defense of ideological opposition to gambling

>Our problem-solver-in-chief who occupies the Governor’s Mansion in Tallahassee rebuked ideological opponents of all sorts in his March 2 State of the State Address, arguing that Florida’s challenges will not be fixed by public officials adhering to dogmatic...

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>Can Divorce Make Us Sick?

> By Chuck Colson The deteriorating health of marriage can lead to...deteriorating health! Find out why. ------ A few weeks ago, I was astonished to find Time magazine exposing how the collapse of marriage harms women, children, and the poor. No Christian could...

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A Case Against Marriage? Unbelievable

Check out this (if you will excuse my French) completely asinine 5 min video piece on NBC’s Today show below asking the seemingly serious question of whether marriage is obsolete (oh, and by the way, they also suggest we should "add levity to divorce" by joking about...

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Response to Christopher Scolese

Christopher J. Scolese, the Acting NASA Administrator who was appointed by President Obama earlier this year, encouraged NASA employees to become active gay rights proponents which he claimed reflects "American Values". His agency wide memo stated: "I encourage you to...

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Gambling Our Way To Prosperity

The latest symptom of the prevailing new ethic of “something for nothing” has appeared….the scratch card vending machine. Without a doubt this can attract more losers for Florida. Not having done enough to expand gambling with the Seminole Tribes and pari-mutuels, we...

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