Marriage & Family

Marriage is the very first institution created by God. It was established before civil government and even the church itself. God gives us the most intimate, dynamic, and lasting of all expressions of all human relationships in marriage. It’s the fountain from which children and family springs forth. And it is the institution which provides basic social order.

In recent years, marriage and the family have been under heavy attack. Activist courts (even our own US Supreme Court) have sought to “redefine” marriage, disregarding what is self-evident in biology, logic and the collective wisdom of human history. And parents’ rights are being threatened daily by government intrusion not to mention the threat of abortion, pornography, and gambling.

Our response to these developments, is to strengthen our commitment to rebuild a culture of marriage and to strengthen the family.  We will never concede and we will never give up.  In order for our civil society to flourish once again, we must have a clear understanding of what marriage and family is and why it is important to our culture, society and social order.

Towards this goal, we have collected resources on issues related to marriage and the family including basic information and talking points, comprehensive research, websites, organizations and more.

Click on the categories to the left of the page or below to view resources on a specific issue:

Marriage & Divorce – In Florida and nationwide, the marriage rate is in steady decline. Young people are delaying marriage or not getting married, and the cohabitation rate is skyrocketing. The direct result, is societal instability and an enormous burden to taxpayers. For the latest research and Florida statistics visit our Marriage & Divorce resource page at the link above!

Adoption – There are currently over 437,465 children and teens in foster care in the United States and 23,546 in Florida. There is some need for adoptive parents but the need for foster parents is enormous in Florida.  We need moms and dads who can provide loving homes where abandoned children can thrive. Learn more on our Adoption resource page.

Pornography & Obscenity – Pornography is destructive to families and children. That which is dismissed as innocent adult entertainment by many has caused countless families to break apart, marriages to fail, and children to be exploited. For research on this damaging vice, visit our Pornography resource page.

Gambling – Gambling and the poor financial management that it brings is the cause of many broken families and destroyed lives. For more research on this addictive and destructive habit, visit our resource page on Gambling.

LGBT Issues – Religious liberty around the country is being threatened by radical LGBT activists who will not stop until they force all Americans to approve, support and celebrate their lifestyle. Christians now more than ever need to be aware of this important topic. For information on this issue, visit our LGBT Issues resource page.



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