Human Life

We believe God is the author of life and that as such, every life is valuable, from conception to natural death. The Declaration of Independence of the United States defines the basic truth that we are all created equal. Our founding document states that our lives are established by our “Creator with certain unalienable Rights that among these are Life, and the pursuit of Happiness.”

However, every day in Florida and around the nation these basic rights are denied to thousands of growing babies who lose their lives because of abortion. Our elderly and disabled are being increasingly targeted for termination under the guise of “compassion.” Our young people are targeted for sexual exploitation and slavery through human trafficking. And science is pushing the bounds of ethics and morality and what it means to be “human.”

It’s important to know what you believe and why you believe it to defend life in our confused culture. That is why we have collected resources on each of these important issues, including basic information and talking points, comprehensive research, websites, news articles, videos and more.

Click on the categories to the left of the page or below to view resources on a specific issue:

Abortion –Whether you’re new to the pro-life movement and are looking for information to understand the issues, want to grow deeper in your understanding, or are looking for talking points to defend the sanctity of human life you will want to visit our resource page!

End of Life / Assisted Suicide / Euthanasia – All life has intrinsic value. When life is not valued by a society (born and unborn), it is the most vulnerable among us that suffer. Today, assisted suicide is being used by doctors, hospitals, governments and citizens around the world to eliminate the ill, the elderly, and the disabled. We must remain alert and make others aware of this dangerous threat. Visit our resource page to learn more.

Bioethics / Stem Cell Research / Cloning – Science and technology have the potential for doing good, but they can also be used to do great evil. Within the bounds of ethical and moral guidelines, stem cell research can be used to improve the health and lives of the suffering. We support non-embryonic stem cell research to benefit patients, develop treatments and cure disease. For the latest research on this topic, visit our resource page.

Human Trafficking – 20-30 million people are enslaved around the world forced into sexual bondage, coerced labor, and involuntary domestic service–all forms of human trafficking.

Sex trafficking is the fastest growing crime worldwide and the 3rd largest, due to its high profit margins. Florida is the third highest trafficking destination in the United States! There are many ways you can spread awareness and get involved to stop human trafficking. Visit our resource page for more information.

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