Check out this (if you will excuse my French) completely asinine 5 min video piece on NBC’s Today show below asking the seemingly serious question of whether marriage is obsolete (oh, and by the way, they also suggest we should “add levity to divorce” by joking about it to “reduce the pain”!) In this completely unbelievable piece hosted by Meredith Vieira, she interviews “expert” Author Sandra Tsing Loh who is proudly divorcing her husband after 20 years. Loh argues with a straight face that because of Darwinian social progress marriage is now out-dated and is no longer necessary because “we are no longer an agrarian society” and “life expectancy has gone from 47 to 77 years”. Of course there was no one invited on the show to really oppose this dribble. The lady presenting the “other viewpoint” merely points out that most people want a “life partner” so marriage still works for some people. Would that they have invited Maggie Gallagher on this show to square away this lady’s nonsense. The fact that they would even air this outright frontal assault on the institution of marriage by itself is really unbelievable. But presenting views this radical and extreme with no opposing viewpoint is simply outrageous. This stuff makes me furious and reminds me of what we are fighting for and against. May God have mercy upon us. John
On marriage: Let’s call the whole thing off
Video Here:

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