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2015: 3 Questions Evangelicals Should Ask About Donald Trump

We are experiencing something extraordinary in American politics: A man who has never held public office appears to have become a force of nature this election cycle, and he is achieving this, according to polls, with no small amount of support from evangelical Christians. The really puzzling thing is that Donald Trump defies every stereotype of a candidate you would typically expect Christians to vote for. How much does the average evangelical Christian supporting Trump know about his history? Very little, it would seem. Many are content to follow the no-nonsense persona, rather than dig into Trump’s past record.

2015: 3 Questions Every Conservative Voter Should Ask Before Supporting Donald Trump

Are there things about Trump’s life, background and views that should give all conservatives, and especially Christian conservatives, pause or even great cause for concern? In conservative activist John Stemberger’s view, conservative voters who are considering supporting Trump should be asking themselves three important questions.

2015: Time for Gov. Scott to stop money for Planned Parenthood

States considering termination of Medicaid Provider Agreements with Planned Parenthood are well within their legal rights. They are not required to qualify providers that are under investigation, that violate federal or state law or that act unethically. Indeed, according to the HHS Office of Inspector General, more than 9,000 providers have been excluded as Medicaid providers over the last two decades.

2015: Dan Webster is the One Man Who Can Reform Congress. Here’s Why …

If there is one man who can fundamentally reform the way the United States Congress does business, it is Dan Webster. Why? For the simple reason that we saw him do it in Florida.

2015: Seven Reasons Why “Getting Government Out of the Marriage Business” Won’t Work

Marriage privatization would devastate society.

2015: Good News for Anxious Believers in 2015

Ten positive things we can be thankful for.

2014: Why I am for medical marijuana but against Amendment 2, Orlando Lawyer John Morgan’s deceptive campaign to legalize pot smoking across Florida

Here are at least ten reasons why this is one of the worst ideas in Florida’s history, and why it’s not what is seems on the surface.

2013: Scouting is for Honor, Not Sex and Politics

Homosexual-rights activists are not satisfied with membership in good standing and being allowed to fully participate like everyone else. They want to promote a gay-rights political agenda.

2013: Let Scouting Principles Stand

If the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) departs from its longstanding policy and allows openly gay scoutmasters and scouts, it will destroy the legitimacy and security of this American institution.

2012: Why Republicans Lost: Analysis & Lessons From the 2012 Presidential Election

Perspective on what went wrong for conservatives and what the left did correctly.

2012: Faithful to the End: A Perspective on Winning and Losing Elections

In God’s economy, the focus is not merely winning but on us being faithful to the end.

2011: Is Gambling Morally Wrong?

Our Opposition to Gambling- Part 1: CLICK HERE

2011: Abortion in America: The Beginning of the End.

Ten recent signs of hope that we are winning the battle. CLICK HERE

2010: In Defense of Social Conservatives.

The case for continuing to focus on the family in matters of public policy. CLICK HERE

2010: Understanding the Judicial Misconduct and Attempts to Overturn Florida’s Ban on Homosexual Adoptions.

What Exactly Did the Three South Florida Judges Do? CLICK HERE

2007: Marriage Amendment Serves the Greater Good, Tallahassee Democrat


2006: Governed Not By Polls, Politics or Profits

A Principled Based Manifesto on Voting for Social Conservatives. CLICK HERE

2006: The Death of Terry Schiavo- One year Later

Principled Thinking and Christian Perspectives on Euthanasia and the End of Life. CLICK HERE