Aaron DiPietro, FFPC  Legislative Affairs Director, recaps Week #8 in Tallahassee.

Dear Friends,

Week #8 of the Florida Legislature has concluded, leaving just one more week until the session’s end. The action centered on the House and Senate floors as final proposals either moved forward or died in the process. There was plenty of contentious debate in between!

Several of the FFPC priorities, both new and old, are moving towards the finish line, including the Defending Biological Sex in Healthcare Act, the Retention of Sexual Offense Evidence Act, Educator Preparation Programs Act, and the Gaming Control Act—all of which passed at least one of the two legislative chambers.

Multiple bills, unfortunately, have been or are at risk of being tabled or killed. Senate President Kathleen Passidomo has refused to allow many of our legislative priorities to receive final votes on the Senate floor to avoid culture war clashes. She has chosen to oppose Governor Ron DeSantis and Speaker Paul Renner on many of our priorities in favor of appeasing Democrats in the Senate.

In this PDF, you can find the latest on the Florida Family Policy Council bills to track the latest on the bills at stake in this last week of the session.

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As we near the end of this eventful legislative session, stay tuned to the Insider’s Report for our final 2024 Victory Report next week to summarize the victories here in the free state of Florida, as well as legislative goals for the future. The Florida Family Policy Council remains at the forefront of advocacy, working tirelessly to be the voice for life, the family, and religious liberty, here in our great state.

I am grateful to serve on the frontlines in Tallahassee as I represent FFPC full-time during the session, engaging with legislators, testifying in committee, and working to advance our priority bills throughout the process. Thank you again for your prayers and support, without which we would not be able to engage in this critical fight.

For truth,

Aaron DiPietro
Legislative Affairs Director, Florida Family Policy Council

Director, Kevin Baird, D.Min.
Deputy Director, Tracie Baird

Week #8 of the Florida Capitol Project was again impactful, and created or strengthened relationships between the pastors of Florida and their elected civic leaders. Each week, the vision and mission of FCP is coming into greater fruition and expression. The mission can be summarized into these 6 important points:

1. FCP is committed to engaging civic government with a comprehensive understanding of the Scriptures. This is called a biblical worldview. In other words, we lead with the Gospel, believing that Jesus Christ and His Word are relevant in every age and in every arena.

2. We have changed our vocabulary from using the word “politics” to using the phrase “civic mission field.” The same people who are in your neighborhood, your city, and every nation around the globe also serve at the Florida state capitol. Many people know the Lord, and many do not, yet all are people to whom the grace of God reaches and works.

3. We desire pastors to connect and build relationships with civic leaders to demonstrate the working relationship of the “elders at the gate” of their state for the benefit and blessing of all Florida residents.

4. FCP desires to create hands-on ministry opportunities, which include evangelism, discipleship, and pastoral care.

5. We want to help create an environment of long-term pastoral presence at the state capitol during the legislative session. We believe pastoral presence has an important impact on the lives and work our legislators are doing.

6. FCP desires to create ownership of the vision that sees the Church of Florida, through its pastoral leadership, engaging the needs and challenges of our state. We think pastors should be the leaders of this movement, and we are honored to be the facilitator of those relationships.

There is just one more week of the 2024 legislative session and the Florida Capitol Project is ending strong. Next week, I will give you the final report for this session and also outline the great work that The Church Ambassador Network will be doing through the rest of the year, assisting and partnering with the Church of Florida in reaching the civic mission field.

To find out more about this important work, please visit our website: www.floridacapitolproject.org

Everything you need to know to register is found on the website. If you have questions about anything, do not hesitate to contact Dr. Kevin Baird at the cell number or email address provided. If you are a church member who believes your pastor might be interested in an incredible ministry opportunity, please forward the website and our information. I would love to answer any questions they might have.

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