Aaron DiPietro , FFPC  Legislative Affairs Director, gives a summary of this weeks legislative session.

Dear Friends,

Week 5 of the Florida Legislature is over. As we reached the halfway mark of the 2023 Legislative Session, Tallahassee was full of action from both the halls of the legislature to the chambers of the Supreme Court.

On the legislative front, numerous priority bills moved closer to the finish line in both the House and Senate. The loaded list of bills moving forward includes the following:

The Unborn Child Parent’s Survivor Act
Surrendered Infants Protection Act
Pregnancy and Parenting Online Resources Act
Anti-Human Trafficking Minimum Age for Adult Entertainment Act
Retention of Sexual Offense Evidence Act
Porn Age Verification Act
Social Media Protection for Minors Act
School Chaplain Act
Offenses Involving Children Act
Child Maintenance Restitution Act

You can dive into the details of these and the remainder of our priority bills in this PDF. We have included the latest on the bills that the Florida Family Policy Council is tracking this session, including those referenced above. Links to bill language, committee votes, and staff reviews are also provided by each bill.

Noah Fay, FFPC Media Producer, and Aaron DiPietro , FFPC  Legislative Affairs Director,
recap the oral arguments that took place on Wednesday.

On the judicial front, I was able to sit inside the Court while the Florida State Supreme Court heard oral arguments on Wednesday on whether to allow the radical abortion until birth ballot initiative to be on the 2024 General Election ballot here in Florida. If passed, this amendment would enshrine abortion as a fundamental right in Florida’s constitution and allow abortions for virtually any reason up to nine months of pregnancy. We and many of our allies, including

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody, strongly maintain this amendment is very deceptive and misleading and should be struck down.

Use the PDF below to spread the word with your church, your friends, and your family regarding this dangerous amendment and how we can push back against the abortion corporation misinformation.

Click here to download a PDF of the above flyer.

The Florida State Supreme Court is the last line of defense against this extreme and misleading amendment being placed on the ballot for the November election! The Court now has until April 1st to issue their final ruling.

Please be in prayer for this critical decision which could set the stage for the most critical battle to defend the unborn on the state level in our lifetime! Make no mistake: if this amendment reaches the ballot and exceeds the 60% threshold in the November election, not only will this wipe out decades of pro-life accomplishments, but it would also completely eliminate any hope of finally seeing complete protections for the unborn and their mothers for the indefinite future. Abortion on demand, up until the moment of birth would be enshrined in our state constitution. Please continue to pray that the Lord would move on the hearts of the Justices to rule against this dangerous and deceptive amendment, so that we can continue to fight for the precious lives of the unborn and Lord willing live to see the day when Florida is a state that protects and cherishes our children, from the moment conception, to birth, and to natural death!

Florida Family has been both on the frontlines and behind the scenes in this battle with many of our allies, including Susan B. Anthony Pro-life America, the Florida Catholic Conference, Florida Right to Life, and many others, leading the charge to ensure this dangerous initiative does not become law in the state of Florida! Please keep our team in your prayers as we continue to lead this fight for life in the state of Florida!

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I am grateful to serve on the frontlines in Tallahassee as I represent FFPC full-time during the session, engaging with legislators, testifying in committees, and working to advance our priority bills through the process. Thank you again for your prayers and support, without which we would not be able to engage in this critical fight.

For liberty,

Aaron DiPietro

Legislative Affairs Director, Florida Family Policy Council

Director, Kevin Baird, D.Min.
Deputy Director, Tracie Baird

Week #5 of the Florida Capitol Project again saw pastors gather at the “gate of the state” to connect and minister to the “shepherds” of civic government (Romans 13:4). For several years, we have targeted and solicited the pastors in the Tallahassee / Leon County region to take a more active role in their ministry to elected state leaders. These spiritual leaders are an important key in staying relationally connected and keeping an ongoing pastoral presence at the Capitol. We thank God for those pastors who have individually through the years, sensed the call of God to be involved and present at the state capitol. Their faithfulness over the years has provided an open door for The Florida Capitol Project to see a growing number of regionally based pastors connect and participate in what we are doing.

This week, we hosted 6 Tallahassee regional pastors to the state capitol on the same day. This number represents a first fruit of pastoral harvest from this specific region which was greatly encouraging and a high-water mark for a single day, regional attendance. The Scripture continually reminds us in one way or another to “never despise the day of small beginnings” (Zechariah 4:10). The Kingdom of God oftentimes comes as a seed but grows into a mighty harvest. It is happening at our Florida state capitol in so many ways.

Our FCP team has grown as well, and we are thrilled for the following partners at the state capitol:

Tracie Baird, Deputy Director of the Church Ambassador Network
Barry Webster, Assistant to the Director of the FCP
Pastor Charles and Dr. Monica Salem, Regional Pastors
Pastor Manny Arisso, Regional Pastor
Pastor Eli Hendricks, Regional Pastor
Pastor Allen Gonzalez, Host Pastor, FCP Briefing

As you faithfully give and support the work of the Florida Family Policy Council, you are also helping to keep the Church of Florida engaged in the civic mission field and pastoral leadership in the halls of the state capitol. Thank you for all you do!

To find out more about this important work, please visit our website: www.floridacapitolproject.org

Everything you need to know to register is found on the website. If you have questions about anything, do not hesitate to contact Dr. Kevin Baird at the cell number or email address provided. If you are a church member who believes your pastor might be interested in an incredible ministry opportunity, please forward the website and our information. I would love to answer any questions they might have.

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