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EEOC Says Transgender Employees Protected

The EEOC isn’t a court or Congress, but this decision gives us a very clear view of how the Commission will view charges of discrimination brought by transgender individuals (although it does not definitively determine how courts will rule). This is yet another step toward eroding marriage and other precious historical institutions in America.

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FFPC President John Stemberger Stands with Former Jacksonville City Council President Ginger Soud, Other Attorneys and Community Leaders to Oppose Jacksonville Sexual/ Gender Identity and Expression Ordinance

Today FFPC President and General Counsel John Stemberger stood with former Jacksonville City Council President Ginger Soud, legal expert Roger Gannam, Attorney Joey Vaughn and other leaders to make news announcements and highlight major concerns with the City’s proposed nondiscrimination ordinance, 2012-296.

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Governed not by polls, politics nor profits….

Since I cast my first rather misguided vote in 1980, I have given much thought and consideration toward developing a principle based grid for political decision making. What are the moral “first principles” to consider when deciding who to vote for and why? These points below represent an attempt to develop a principled approach for social conservatives exercising active citizenship as we choose and support candidates.

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Our Opposition to Gambling, Pt. 1

  A Three-Part Series by the Florida Family Policy CouncilIs Gambling Morally Wrong? By John Stemberger Most Americans are concerned about the moral state of the nation, yet few consider whether or not gambling — a wager of money, property or something of value based...

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