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Leadership in an Angry and Divided Nation: A Christian Response to the 2016 Election Results

Whether Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump wins, it seems inevitable that America will be angrier and more divided. This heightened “national anger” and division will present a major challenge in the ongoing struggle to maintain a civil and orderly society. Within the Church, we will have continuing challenges to achieve unity, advance God’s Kingdom, and effectively proclaim the Gospel.

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Early Voting Dates and Locations

Early voting is now open across Florida’s 67 counties. Early voting will continue until Saturday Nov 5 or Sunday Nov 6 depending on your county. For specific dates, times and locations in your area, visit the links below.

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All Voter Guides Now Available Online

Whether you’re voting by mail, early voting or voting on Election Day (November 8, 2016) our free voter guide resources are here to help you and other Floridians make wise choices and support candidates that stand on principle for life, marriage, family, and religious liberty!

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Tell Sen. Anitere Flores you’re disappointed she’s cosponsoring worst bill in FL Legislature

Call Republican State Senator Anitere Flores and tell her how disappointed you are that she has agreed to co-sponsor the worst bill in Florida Legislature.

The CWA bill is a clear and direct threat to religious liberty and the safety, security and privacy of women in Florida. We remain stunned that Senator Flores would compromise her core principles for political favor.

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Join us next Tues, Oct 4 for a Pastors Breakfast & Community Forum: “An Honest Discussion about a Difficult Election”

The morning pastors breakfast will focus on an honest discussion regarding the challenges the candidates on the 2016 ballot present and training for pastors on how they can strategically lead, given the unique situations we find ourselves in. The evening community forum will focus on how Christians should think about the two major choices they are presented with this year and the option of third party candidates.

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