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Candidates, Amendments, Judges, Local Races

Whether you’re voting by mail, early voting or voting on Election Day (November 8, 2016) our free voter guide resources are here to help you and other Floridians make wise choices and support candidates that stand on principle for life, marriage, family, and religious liberty!

At you’ll find our:

Church Approved Voter Guide

(for President/US Senate)

This guide is available for churches to print, download and distribute.  Also a Spanish voter guide is also available on our site provided by the Black Robe Regiment for the Presidential and Congressional Races.

Interactive Online Voter Guide
(In depth interactive info for state legislative & congressional races)




Judicial Voter Guide

(State, District, County and Circuit Judicial Candidates)


Amendment Guide

(Analysis on November’s ballot initiatives)


Reasons to Vote No Amendment 2
Legalizing Marijuana in Florida
(In-depth analysis on Florida’s proposed “Medical Marijuana” amendment)


Legislative Scorecard
(Rates all current state legislators with grades A-F and scores 0-100%)


Local Voter Guides (County voter guides, created by local activists are also available at We do not endorse or guarantee the accuracy or legality of these voter guides. We are providing these guides for informational purposes only.)

On, we also list other election resources and analysis, such as video from our recent panel discussion “An Honest Discussion about a Difficult Election” and a recent interview by FFPC President John Stemberger with NPR on the 2016 Presidential Race and why this is a difficult election for Christians. 

NOTE: In 2016, we are making some exciting changes and improvements in how we are providing voter education information. To learn more, please read Voter Guides, Score Cards & Endorsements: Our new strategy to educate voters and hold legislators accountable by FFPC President John Stemberger.

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