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Pornography is destructive to families and children. That which is dismissed as innocent adult entertainment by many has caused countless families to break apart, marriages to fail, and children to be exploited. People need to be able to count on the government to establish far-reaching laws against pornography. Those laws need to then be thoroughly enforced.


Information and Research

Porn Stats: 250+ facts, quotes, and statistics about pornography use (2018 Edition)
Covenant Eyes
Based on a survey of 3288 people, we now have up-to-date, accurate statistics on many aspects of pornography use, attitudes about pornography, and demographically sorted differences based on age, gender, and faith.

Pornography and Public Health
National Center on Sexual Exploitation
Pornography is a social and physical toxin that destroys relationships, steals innocence, erodes compassion, breeds violence, and kills love. The issue of pornography is ground zero for all those concerned for the sexual health and wellbeing of our loved ones, communities, and society as a whole. Drawing from recent, peer-reviewed, research literature, as well as the latest reports and surveys, this summary presents evidence supporting the view that pornography constitutes a public health crisis.

Parents: It’s Time to Wake Up About Pornography, Sexting, and Your Children
Randy Alcorn
The great majority of children, especially boys but also girls, who are allowed access to pornography will view it, either inadvertently or purposefully, and many of those will become addicted to it, ruining their lives and in many cases ruining their future marriages.   

iPorn: Are Your Kids At Risk?
Sam Black, Covenant Eyes
A lot of kids blow out birthday candles wishing for an iPod touch, but should a parent deliver the goods? Should your family use an iPhone or an iPad? Answer: Not without setting restrictions.

Pocket Porn: Nearly a third of teens carry portable X-rated theaters
Luke Gilkerson, Covenant Eyes
Jeff first saw porn when he was seven years old when he came upon a Playboy magazine. By fifth grade, the Internet became a main source of pornography for his young mind. As technology advanced, so did his obsession. But it was his iPod, and later his iPhone, that gave him such easy access.

Sexting Statistics: What Do The Surveys Say?
Luke Gilkerson, Covenant Eyes
Sending nude or otherwise provocative images of yourself online or through your cell phone is called “sexting.” Over the last several years this issue has received more and more press, due largely to more publicized cases involving politicians, athletes, and celebrities. Just how common is it? What should parents be concerned about?

My Daughter was Caught By a Predator: A Word of Warning from One Parent to Another
Mary Kozakiewicz, The Alicia Project
On New Year’s Day, 2002, my 13-year-old daughter, Alicia, was lured from our Pennsylvania home and stolen to Virginia by a man whom she had been introduced to online. For eight months, this sadistic madman masqueraded as her friend, grooming my daughter, restructuring her thought patterns through coercive mind control, and bypassing those core values which her father and I had labored to deeply ingrain. A 38-year-old computer programmer, father to his own 12-year-old daughter, held my little girl captive, chained to the floor by her neck in his basement dungeon as he repeatedly raped and tortured her.

Women Struggle with Porn Too (Video)
Crystal Renaud, Dirty Girls Ministries
Founder of Dirty Girls Ministries and author of Dirty Girls Come Clean, shares her personal story of redemption after struggling with pornography. “I’m forever grateful that God, through surrender to Him and solid accountability to others, has pulled me from the miry clay so that I might share the hope I have in Him with people like you.” 

What I Wish I’d Known Before Watching Porn
Lauren Dubinsky, Good Women Project
Pornography is a charged subject, and it’s a word that rarely crosses the lips of most women. Yes, there are now breeds of the modern woman who watch, talk and joke about it regularly, but most of us still stay further away from speaking the word than we actually stay away from it. 

Porn Use Negatively Affects Men’s Sexual Experiences
Morality in Media
Research study concludes pornography negatively impacts “men’s expectations and behaviors during sexual encounters.”

A Grassroots Guide to Protecting Your Community From Pornography
Carrie Gordon Earll, Focus on the Family
These articles explain how to fight pornography where we typically find it: in hotels, in our communities and in our supermarkets.

Pornography: An Overview
Gene McConnell and Keith Campbell, Focus on the Family
You don’t have to shoot up any drug with a needle to get addicted to porn — your body will make its own drugs just by looking at the pictures. Dr. Victor Cline says that sex and pornography can be a more difficult addiction to break than cocaine.

The Moral and Spiritual Dangers of Pornography
Bill Haynes, American Center for Law and Justice
A damaging and destructive vice that has been around since ancient times is now permeating the most advanced technological communication method of our day – the Internet. Pornography is no longer confined to specific businesses and neighborhoods. It is available now more than ever – and it is often just one mouse-click away. There are those who argue, “Isn’t pornography a victimless crime which should be protected as a right of the person who wishes to view it?” But the real question is this: “Is pornography really a victimless crime?”

Pornography and Its Consequences
Family Research Council
The main defenses against pornography are close family life, a good marriage, and good relations between parents and children, coupled with deliberate parental monitoring of internet use.

Guide to Family Issues: The Harms of Pornography
United Families International
Lacking in socially redeeming value, pornography represents a significant and growing menace to families, individuals, employers and communities. The price tag of pornography is crime, exploitation, sexual assault, child abuse, fractured marriages and families, addiction and compulsion, distracted and uprooted lives and tremendous social costs for the communities, employers and government agencies paying the resultant costs. Governments have proven incapable of protecting the public from the consequences of pornography. Too often, courts have undermined legislative remedies and community standards because they are unwilling to distinguish between freedom of speech and obscenity. Pornography is entrenched by its profitability and wealth.

The Effects of Pornography on Individuals, Marriage, Family and Community
Patrick F. Fagan, Ph. D, Marriage & Religion Research Institute
Pornography is a visual representation of sexuality which distorts an individual’s concept of the nature of conjugal relations. This, in turn, alters both sexual attitudes and behavior. It is a major threat to marriage, to family, to children and to individual happiness. In undermining marriage it is one of the factors in undermining social stability.

The Social Costs of Pornography: A Collection of Papers
The Witherspoon Institute

Websites, Books and Additional Resources

Resources to Help You Fight Pornography Addiction
Doug Burford, Focus on the Family
It was time to get help, but he didn’t know how. Finding the best resources for your situation can be difficult. For Christians, three approaches usually address sexual compulsion: psychotherapeutic, 12-step and Christian spirituality. These can also be used in combination. 

Resisting the Power of Pornography
Steve Watters, Focus on the Family
Pornography causes massive damage in guys’ lives and relationships. Are you struggling with its lure? Do you know someone who is? There is a way to avoid its snare. And if you’re already trapped, there’s a way to get free! 

Dealing With Pornography and Internet Addiction
Focus on the Family
Whether your spouse is just starting to show signs of using the Internet too much or has allowed a habit to explode in some tragic way, I encourage you to fight for your relationship. You have every reason to care about the health of your marriage and to take appropriate steps to keep the Internet from driving a wedge between you and your spouse. 

How to Protect Your Young Child From Online Porn
Families Managing Media
7 steps parents can take at home to prevent online porn exposure at an early age.

Parenting The Internet Generation: A Blueprint For Teaching Digital Discernment
Covenant Eyes
Among youth, watching porn is not only common, becoming porn is also on the rise. As a parent, there are many steps you can take to not just protect your kids but prepare them for a world without filters. 

The Alicia Project
“The Alicia Project,” though rooted in tragedy, has become a voice for exploited and missing children. In January of 2002, its namesake, Alicia Kozakiewicz, became the victim of an Internet luring and was abducted to another state where she was held captive. Following a miraculous rescue by the FBI, Alicia came to realize that other children need not suffer her traumatic experience, and so, “The Alicia Project,” Internet safety and awareness education, was born.

The Purity Principle: God’s Safeguards for Life’s Dangerous Trails (Book)
Randy Alcorn
An easy to understand explanation of why God’s way of purity is the best.

Covenant Eyes
Internet accountability and filtering

Dirty Girl Ministries
Help, Hope & Healing for Women with Pornography and Sexual Addiction

National Center on Sexual Exploitation
Founded in 1962, National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCSE), formerly Morality in Media (MIM), is the leading national organization dedicated to opposing pornography by highlighting the links to sex trafficking, violence against women, child abuse, and addiction.

Enough is Enough
EIE has pioneered efforts to confront online pornography, child pornography, child stalking, sexual predation, and other forms of online victimization. By leveraging its expertise, growing national partnership network, and positive reputation among the public, media, law enforcement, and Internet industry, EIE continues to advance innovative initiatives and effective communication strategies to protect children online.

American Decency Association
Marking the Difference Between the Holy and the Profane

What Are the Laws on Pornography?
National Center on Sexual Exploitation
It is time for the U.S. Department of Justice to enforce existing federal laws against illegal pornography distributors and producers.

Victims of Pornography
Citizens for Community Values
Recognizing that pornography is affecting our families and friends…is the key to changing lives. Who are the victims of pornography?

Brave Hearts
By equipping parents, church, and ministry leaders, we believe we can transform both the church and culture with biblical solutions to sexual brokenness. As a result, we see a new generation emerging that overcomes sexual temptation and embraces sexual integrity.

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