LGBT Issues

Christians now more than ever need to be aware of this important topic. Religious liberty around the country is being threatened by radical LGBT activists who will not stop until they force all Americans to approve, support and celebrate their lifestyle or else suffer legal punishment, or public harassment.

If you are currently being targeted for your sincere religious beliefs on marriage and the family, please visit our Get Help page now.

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The Gay Agenda – Not satisfied with the same rights as every other American under the law, LGBT activists are forcefully arguing for special rights, special privileges and the creation of a new protected classes based upon the subjective categories of sexual orientation and gender identity.   In addition to attacking, diluting and redefining the institutions of natural marriage, the family, and absolute biological truths such as male and female, this movement will not rest until they have made it compulsory for all Americans to approve, celebrate and advocate their lifestyle. Visit our resource page for more information on this important issue.

Gay Marriage – In 2015, the US Supreme Court through Obergefell v. Hodges forced a redefinition of marriage in all 50 states. Though countless millions of U.S. voters have defined marriage as between a man and a woman through the legitimate democratic process, a handful of judges disenfranchised them. The court deliberately ignored the plain meaning and legal history behind the Constitution and foolishly disregarded what is self-evident in biology, logic and the collective wisdom of human history. Regardless of how it appears, this decision is not the final word on marriage. For more information and background on this issue visit our resource page.

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Laws (SOGI) – All across the country at city, county, and state levels these new laws are being used as weapons to punish Christians who are simply living out their faith in as a small business owner or employer. These laws allow individuals to sue employers and landowners based on the creation of newly protected classes of sexual orientation and gender identity or expression. More importantly, around the country, similar laws have created privacy and security issues, allowing fully biological men to have unrestricted access to women’s showers, bathrooms and locker rooms in facilities declared a public accommodation (such as YMCAs, Adult and Youth Sports Leagues & Homeless and Domestic Violence Shelters and other similar public facilities. Visit our resource page for information to help you understand this important issue.

Conversion Therapy Bans – Conversion therapy bans disguise themselves as bans on “abuse.” Rather, such bans place unconstitutional limits on freedom of speech because they do not consider the patient’s (or minor patient’s parents) right to pursue avenues of therapy consistent with their beliefs and choices. Current law in Florida respects the individual practitioner’s judgment and conscience rights and the right of the patient to access all available information.


Understanding and Responding to the Transgender Movement – Regularly in schools and in other public facilities girls are being forced to share school locker rooms and showers with boys (and vice versa), teachers being fired or forced to change schools because they do not agree with the schools “transgender” bathroom policy or not using the correct “pronoun,” children being taken away from their parents by the government because they did not affirm their new “identity”…and the list goes on.

Rather than protecting our students from potential gross invasions of privacy and dignity, abuse, and utterly inappropriate situations, our culture, government and schools are eating away at the very fabric and foundation society, the family by redefining the human experience. Though the current chaos seems overwhelming, we have compiled a list of resources to aid you in understanding this issue and get help if you or your child are struggling with gender dysphoria.

Hate Crimes – There certainly are legitimate instances of crimes committed through hate. These should be condemned and prosecuted. However, sadly, the term “hate” has been redefined and used liberally by groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) to mean anything they do not agree with politically, particularly when it comes to anyone opposing gay rights. We will address some of these issues on our resource page.

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