FFPC Joins Amicus Brief Filed in Landmark US Supreme Court Religious Liberty Case

FFPC Joins Amicus Brief Filed in Landmark US Supreme Court Religious Liberty Case Case on appeal addresses same legal issues as proposed “Competitive Workforce Act” in Florida  Florida Family Policy Council joined other leading organizations across the country to file … Continue reading

Would you join us in standing with and supporting Barronelle?

justice Tomorrow (Tue, Nov 15) the Washington State Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in the case State of Washington v. Arlene’s Flowers. Please show your support for Barronelle on social media with the below images. Barronelle Stutzman, a 72 year … Continue reading

Tell Sen. Anitere Flores you’re disappointed she’s cosponsoring worst bill in FL Legislature

Call Republican State Senator Anitere Flores and tell her how disappointed you are that she has agreed to co-sponsor the worst bill in Florida Legislature.

The CWA bill is a clear and direct threat to religious liberty and the safety, security and privacy of women in Florida. We remain stunned that Senator Flores would compromise her core principles for political favor. Continue reading

Does your credit card processing company support abortion, pornography and gay rights?

As an organization we rarely endorse businesses but feel this one is important and unique enough to both endorse and encourage you to consider. We proudly promote Cornerstone credit card processing for the following reasons. Continue reading

Protect My Ministry Tour | Fall 2015 Dates

“A conference for Pastors and Christian School Headmasters to legally protect their churches and schools in the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s decision redefining marriage…” Continue reading

The Biggest Lie: Same-Sex Unions Don’t Affect You

This change in the definition of marriage has dire consequences to religious liberty, and will eventually impact all of us, both directly and indirectly. Continue reading

It’s Time to Pray–and Its Time to Stand

The government should not be allowed to punish Christians for holding to their biblical beliefs about marriage. Continue reading

A Summary Response to the Memorandum Issued by the Office of the General Counsel to the Florida Senate Regarding Conscience Clause for Adoption Agencies and Why HB-7111 is Needed to Protect Florida’s Faith-Based Child Placement Agencies

On April 14, 2015, the Office of the General Counsel for the Florida Senate released a legal opinion in a memorandum regarding “Conscience Clause for adoption agencies.” (Hereinafter referred to as the “Opinion.”) In the opening paragraph of the Opinion, the primary conclusion of the 5 page document states: “I believe that religious organizations would be granted no significant legal protection by House Bill 7111 in light of the Florida Religious Freedom Restoration Act (FRFRA) and its interpreting case law.”

There are a number of legal issues overlooked by the Opinion and therefore the following “Additional Comments” are being presented to members of the Florida Senate for their consideration: Continue reading

Letter: Family Research Council on Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act

The enactment of Indiana’s religious freedom restoration bill is not about religious bigotry, anti-homosexual bias, hatred, intolerance, or marginalizing anyone….This is about protecting the religious liberty of people of faith and families of faith across this country, that’s what it’s been for more than 20 years, and that’s what it is now as the law in Indiana. Continue reading

Florida Family Action Field Offices’ Grand Openings

Join us for food, fellowship, special speakers, networking, and making a difference! Continue reading

We need hundreds of volunteers over the next four months

Here are NINE ways you can help right now! Continue reading

“Sine Die” Victories

We had a great run this session with some solid victories. Below is a summary of the legislative victories of the good bills that passed which now await the Governor’s signature or veto. Continue reading

Would you help us now with an end of year gift?

There are only 5 days until 2013 year-end giving opportunities come to a close at midnight on December 31st. Make your year-end tax deductible gift to the Florida Family Policy Council. Continue reading

2013 Accomplishments

A couple of the videos from our Annual Policy Awards Dinner showcase some of what we’ve accomplished this year. Continue reading

As if the whole struggle depended on me alone

It was a cold day on January 20th, 1981 in Washington, D.C. Newly-elected President Ronald Wilson Reagan was giving his first inaugural address and, in closing, he pulled from history the story of a little-known hero named Martin Treptow. Continue reading

Final 2013 Legislative Report

The FFPC will continue standing for what’s right– even if at times we are standing alone. Thank you for joining us in our mission. Continue reading

Faithful to the End

Mother Teresa said “We do nothing. God does everything. All glory must be returned to Him. God has not called me to be successful. He called me to be faithful.” Would that we could all have this same steady and eternal perspective when we face the wins and losses of life. Continue reading

State Legislators File Amici Curiae Brief in Lakeland Prayer Case

On June 25, State Senators Alan Hays and Steve Wise, and State Representatives Dennis Baxley, Chris Dorworth, Eric Eisnaugle, Steve Precourt and Kelli Stargel, with the aid of attorneys John Stemberger and Deborah Dewart, filed an amici curiae (friends of the court) brief in the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals. Continue reading

Liberalism’s Impact on Moral Character

I recently found this great article by conservative radio commentator, Dennis Prager. We really can learn a lot by knowing the impact the up and coming liberal agenda and policies being presented in the U.S. have already had in other countries: Continue reading

Citizens Protest Mandated Contraceptives and Abortion Drugs

On June 8th citizens gathered in more than 150 rallies around the country to protest the new healthcare mandate that requires businesses, schools and institutions to provide coverage for contraceptive and abortifacient drugs.
On June 15th the Catholic Health Association withdrew its support of the contraceptive mandate with its religious exemption… Continue reading

My Body, My Choice. My Soda, Not My Choice? More Liberal Hypocrisy?

If the liberal left battles School Choice by opposing charter and private school funding, Economic Choice by pushing higher taxes, Insurance/Health Care Choice by supporting Obamacare, Land Use Choice by blocking land development, Parental Choice by attempting to pass child abuse laws for spanking, and Voter Choice by supporting term limits why is “CHOICE” one of the main foundations on which most liberals stand?

The fact is that while all of these “choice” issues are important, none is as critical as Life. None ends a human life and deems it “ok” because it was someone’s personal choice. Continue reading

EEOC Says Transgender Employees Protected

The EEOC isn’t a court or Congress, but this decision gives us a very clear view of how the Commission will view charges of discrimination brought by transgender individuals (although it does not definitively determine how courts will rule). This is yet another step toward eroding marriage and other precious historical institutions in America. Continue reading

Governed not by polls, politics nor profits….

Since I cast my first rather misguided vote in 1980, I have given much thought and consideration toward developing a principle based grid for political decision making. What are the moral “first principles” to consider when deciding who to vote for and why? These points below represent an attempt to develop a principled approach for social conservatives exercising active citizenship as we choose and support candidates. Continue reading

A Perspective on Winning and Losing Elections

So your guy didn’t win the election? Maybe several of your candidates didn’t win. What about all of the time, money and effort you spent? What about the credibility of your personal support? Or what about the countless hours of … Continue reading


The Case for Continuing our Focus on the Family in Matters of Public Policy By John Stemberger Today’s evangelicals are at a crossroads. There is a movement afoot among more moderate evangelicals advocating that conservative Christians adjust our policy focus … Continue reading

Governed not by polls, politics nor profits…"

A Principle Based Manifesto on Voting for Social Conservatives Since I cast my first rather misguided vote in 1980, I have given much thought and consideration toward developing a principle based grid for political decision making. What are the moral … Continue reading