As an organization we rarely endorse businesses but feel this one is important and unique enough to both endorse and encourage you to consider. We proudly promote Cornerstone credit card processing for the following reasons:

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1) First and foremost, Cornerstone refuses to process credit card transactions for morally objectionable businesses. For instance, Cornerstone refuses to provide online merchant services to websites that contain pornographic content. They will also have nothing to do with facilitating charitable contributions for Planned Parenthood, or other abortion providers, which cannot be said for many other credit card processing companies. They also refuse to provide services to groups and organizations that promote so called “gay-rights” agendas.

2) Second, Cornerstone will save your business, church or organization money by taking less of a processing fee. Additionally, Cornerstone also makes financial contributions back to the ministries and businesses that use their services so you can benefit financially in at least two different ways.

3) Third, Cornerstone is a secure and trusted banking organization. Cornerstone has been around for over 15 years and processes billions of dollars in over 30,000 ministries and businesses including, Home School Legal Defense Fund, American Family Association, Teen Pact, Liberty Counsel, The Gideon’s International, The National Center on Sexual Exploitation, Family Research Council, Focus on the Family, Forty Days For Life, Calvary Chapel churches and World Magazine to just name a few of thousands of ministries they serve.

Finally, also please note that your online gifts will continue to still be strictly confidential and your transactions secure, as Cornerstone’s proprietary encrypted technology gives the highest levels of protection to your personal and financial information

In the following link contains a document giving more detailed information and portfolio on Cornerstone and the businesses and ministries using them and other security data HERE:

You may have heard in the news about how the PayPal company is choosing to punish the state of North Carolina for adopting laws which have basic religious liberty protections. PayPal is choosing to not open one of their 400 employee centers in that state because of their bias and hostility toward religious liberty and their advocacy for gay rights. This is the kind of intolerance that we do not want to promote and which Cornerstone avoids.

Please consider changing your church, business or ministry to the clean credit card processing company, Cornerstone. Don’t support those companies that are supporting evil and opposing all that we believe to be good, right, and beautiful. Sign up for a quote and more information with Cornerstone HERE:

John Stemberger

John Stemberger
President, Florida Family Policy Council

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