Warning: some graphic language quoted from abortion provider’s website.

Earlier this year we told you about free abortion day at many of James Pendergraft’s clinics.

On Thanksgiving Day, some abortion clinics were closed… but many were open. In Tampa they were offering an abortion for $175, and they opened at 5:00am. “May resume sexual activities the next day,” the website announces. “Be home in time to enjoy your dinner on Thanksgiving Day & have no period by the weekend.” The wording suggests they’re performing a procedure to restore a late menstrual cycle… when the reality is it’s a baby causing the missed cycle.

Tampa abortion Thanksgiving

Planned Parenthood of South Florida and the Treasure Coast sent an email announcing their Black Friday savings:

The Orlando Women’s Center offered $198 off an abortion procedure on Black Friday. Nearly 20 women took them up on that offer and left the clinic the mothers of dead babies, sedated and in intense physical pain.

There is no shame from these organizations offering to murder children for profit. To get more business– that is, kill more babies– than their competitors they will even offer frequent discounts to the abortion-minded mothers.

Abortion is the leading cause of death in the United States. The Orlando Women’s Center abortion clinic website reports that nearly one-fourth of pregnancies end in abortion.

These babies, carried to slaughter in their own mothers’ wombs, are made in the image of God. He knows every fingerprint, every heartbeat, every tiny toenail. We must do¬†everything we can to save the precious, innocent babies.

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