…and no, we’re not talking about Obamacare.¬†James Pendergraft, a well-known abortionist who owns abortion clinics all over the country, offered free abortions last week at many of his clinics (confirmed at least in Ocala and Orlando) with the purchase of a $150 state-mandated sonogram.

Abortions usually cost $495-$600 before 14 weeks at Pendergraft’s clinics.

At the Orlando Women’s Center, John Barros (who ministers to the aborting parents and preaches the gospel there full-time) counted more than¬†80 babies murdered on Tuesday (free abortions day) alone. The Orlando and Tampa locations are still running a special for $170 off an abortion procedure, part of their campaign to highlight their new Advanced Technology IV Sedation, a “3 minute pain-free safe abortion” where “fast acting medications leave the body in 30 minutes or less”.

Image by Daquella Manera on Flickr

Abortions are legal for any reason until 24 weeks gestation in Florida, and can be performed later for “the health of the mother,” including complaints like emotional distress or heartburn.

New, easier ways to kill babies are being invented all the time. Some may even be free.


If you are considering an abortion, call 407-244-5527 or visit www.choiceswomensclinic.com.

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