Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity

Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity (SOGI) Resources

All across the country at city, county, and state levels these new laws are being used as weapons to punish Christians who are simply living out their faith in as a small business owner or employer. These laws allow individuals to sue employers and landowners based on newly protected classes of sexual orientation and gender identity or expression. More importantly, around the country, similar laws have created privacy and security issues, allowing men to have unrestricted access to women’s showers, bathrooms and locker rooms in facilities declared a public accommodation (such as YMCAs, Adult and Youth Sports Leagues & Homeless and Domestic Violence Shelters and other similar public facilities.

We have compiled some of the best resources we can find to assist you in understanding this important issue, and help train you to articulate to your city councils, county commissions, state legislators and other elected officials how unnecessary and harmful these laws are to your community and state.


Best Videos

Additional Media Resources

What is a Public Accommodation and What Does it Have to Do with Religious Liberty? (Video)
Focus on the Family

What is Gender Identity Disorder? (Video)
Focus on the Family

Presentation on SOGI Laws (PowerPoint)
Florida Family Policy Council

Talking Points & Basic Information

Eight Reasons to Oppose Laws Which Create New Protected Classes for Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Gender Expression
Florida Family Policy Council

Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity Laws: No Need, Yet Great Harm
Alliance Defending Freedom

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) Laws Are Not Fairness for All
Ryan T. Anderson, PhD, The Heritage Foundation

These Laws Threaten Your Privacy and Religious Liberty – Here’s Everything You Need to Know
Sarah Kramer, Alliance Defending Freedom

What Are Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity Ordinances?
Sarah Kramer, Alliance Defending Freedom

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) Laws Threaten Freedom
Ryan T. Anderson, PhD, The Heritage Foundation

Why SOGI Doesn’t Belong in the Law
Tony Perkins, Family Research Council

Why We Should Be Wary of a National Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity Law
Alliance Defending Freedom Church Alliance

3 Reasons SOGI Laws Are Being Defeated 
Sarah Kramer, Alliance Defending Freedom

Can There Be ‘Compromise’ Between Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity Non-Discrimination Laws and Religious Liberty Protections?
Peter Sprigg, Family Research Council

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) Laws: A Threat to Free Markets and Freedom of Conscience and Religion
Peter Sprigg, Family Research Council

For resources to protect your church or ministry from SOGI laws, visit our Protect Your Church: Legal Resources page. If you are currently facing legal action because of your sincerely-held religious beliefs on marriage, family, or human sexuality please visit our Get Help page.

News Articles of Men Using Women’s Bathrooms

Examples of Sexual Predators in Women’s Facilities in U.S. Jurisdictions with SOGI Laws

DC Restaurant Fined for Asking Man in Women’s Restroom to Show ID (2019)

Transgender bathroom lawsuit will go forward in Illinois school district (2019)

School Can Force Students to Share Bathrooms With Transgender Students, Federal Court Rules (2018)

Target Sex Offense Study Press Release (2018)

Target Stock Drops 6.43% As Back-To-School Shoppers Stay Away And In-Store Voyeurism Increases (2016)

Students Walk out of School After Transgender Classmate Is Allowed to Use Girls’ Locker Room: ‘I Am a Girl. I Am Not Going to Be Pushed Away to Another Bathroom’ (2015)

Feds Tell Illinois School District to Allow Transgendered Boy into Girls Showers and Locker Rooms (2015)

Toronto Predator who claimed to be Transgendered Declared a Dangerous Offender (2014)

Transgendered man exposes himself in woman’s locker room (2012)

Additional Resources/News Articles

Meet Barronelle Stutzman: Florist and owner of Arlene’s Flowers persecuted for beliefs

Meet Jack Phillips: Colorado attempts to force Masterpiece Cakeshop owner & artist to deny religious beliefs

Meet Blaine Adamson: Hands On Originals printshop owner targeted for beliefs

Meet Jon and Elaine Huguenin: Wedding photographers targeted in New Mexico for beliefs

Brush & Nib Studio calligraphy and hand-painting owners targeted for beliefs

Hitching Post Wedding Chapel owners face jail time for sincere beliefs

3 Common Myths Used Against Christian Bakers like Aaron and Melissa Klein and Jack Phillips

A Massachusetts Law Threatened This Church’s Outreach to Help Victims of Domestic Violence

Can You Guess Why This New York Adoption Provider Is In Danger of Being Shut out of Adoptions?

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Classifications: No Demonstrable Effect On Job Creation Or Economic Growth

Protect Your Ministry From Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity Laws Handbook
Alliance Defending Freedom

The Utah Compromise: Needlessly Surrendering Freedom
Alliance Defending Freedom

Want to Know Why Women-Only Bathrooms Matter? Ask a Rape Survivor

7 Reasons Why the Equality Act Is Anything But (2019)

Florida Teacher Faces Punishment Over Objections to Girls Taking Showers With Boys (2018)

School Board Says Boys and Girls Have Different Brains — Except in the Bathroom (2018)

U.S. Supreme Court Sends Transgender Bathroom Case Grimm v. Gloucester Back to Lower Court (2017)

School Guide Calls for ‘Segregating’ Students Uncomfortable With Transgender Bathrooms (2017)

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