The Easter Gift

As we prepare this weekend to celebrate Easter, we think about giving and sacrifice. Easter is a time of new life and a reminder that through Christ we can also have a new beginning. For the millions of children aborted each year, they are not given even a first chance at life. Continue reading

Pro-family events happening in your area spring 2019! Plan to get involved now!

Mark your calendars for exciting pro-life, pro-family events happening near you this spring, including the Unplanned movie premiere, a pro-life rally, a worldview conference, our annual awards dinner, Patriot Academy and more! Continue reading


Analyzing Impact: Gruters Bill Would Effectively Punish Small Business Owners The bill sponsored by Senator Gruters while limited to the employment context still has broad and sweeping language that does not stop at merely at creating a new lawsuit for … Continue reading

Time is running out for your opportunity to make a difference!

Time is running out to make your tax-deductible 2018 year-end donation. Your donation must be made online today by midnight or postmarked with today’s date if you choose to mail it in. Visit FLfamily.org/Donate to give now to protect Florida’s families & freedoms. Continue reading

Help us say YES!

Only your gift will help us say YES to these questions in the months ahead! Continue reading

Justice & Mercy are born in the form of a Child on Christmas Day. From our home to yours, Merry Christmas!

We can all be grateful that Mary had the courage to stand alone for what is true, good & beautiful and gave birth to the Christ child. Continue reading

SEE what your gifts have done!

This year we have achieved historic, strategic and unique… RESULTS. It is only through gifts like yours that good work and results like these can continue! Continue reading

Investing in Unique, Strategic and Historic Results. #GivingTuesday

#GivingTuesday kicks off the Christmas giving season by inspiring people to give back in meaningful ways to the charities and causes they support. Next year will be our 15th year delivering RESULTS that are unique, strategic and historic. Help us as we advocate for the: 1) protection of children (born and unborn); 2) natural marriage and family structures, and; 3) religious liberty and rights of conscience of all people. Continue reading

We need your help NOW to deliver 1 MILLION church-friendly voter guides to Florida churches

We are delivering 1 million paper church friendly voter guides (educational and non-partisan) to every county in Florida this weekend. We need your help! Continue reading

BREAKING NEWS: All Voter Tools Online Now: Judges, Amendments, Video Explanations, Local County Races, State & Federal, Score Cards, Church Resources

Plan now to vote, do your homework and be prepared.  Your vote can make a difference.  Continue reading

US Senate, Governor & Amendment Voter Guides Now Online

Florida U.S. Senate, Governor & Amendment Voter Guides Are Now Available Here Online. Additional resources coming soon. Continue reading

Voter Guides for Judges, School Board & Local Races for the Primary Election

Every election is important because we want to honor God by being good stewards of this remarkable gift which he has given us which may countries do not have.  Our calling is not ultimately about loyalty to political parties or candidates, but is instead to honor God with every part of our life including our vote.  Continue reading

It’s all about our young people…!

Today’s youth face an increasingly hostile culture when it comes to a Christian worldview. For this reason, it is more important than ever before to invest in training our young people with a solid worldview, and to equip them with the skills to be able to confidently defend their faith and the principles of a Christian worldview. Continue reading

Sign up now for dynamic summer leadership program for students ages 16-25

This intensive 3-day leadership program for Florida students aged 16-25 held in Tallahassee is a valuable opportunity for students to learn firsthand important leadership strategies and determine the answer to one major question: “What is my purpose in life?”  Continue reading

A Smashing Success! FFPC Dinner & GOP Gubernatorial Forum’s Dynamic Discussion Reaches over 5.1k Viewers

On Saturday, May 5, FFPC hosted its 13th Annual Policy Dinner and combined GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Forum themed “Together for Florida” in Orlando. The event was attended by over 425 supporters, legislators, activists, and major news media. The forum was livestreamed on Facebook and has been watched over 5,100 times! Continue reading

15 Victories!  

I’m thrilled to report to you that as a result of your support, a lot of hard work and by God’s favor, we achieved 15 victories during this legislative session, either by passing good legislation or by defeating bad proposed legislation. 

Continue reading

Please help spread the word! 2018 NARME Summit for Pastors, Marriage Ministry Leaders & Counselors

The 2018 NARME Summit is designed specifically to equip marriage and family leaders with the latest research, strategies and training in the field to empower churches, therapists, and counselors to be even more effective in promoting healthy and God-honoring relationships. Continue reading

Watch Commissioner John Stemberger Live at 1pm Today Before the Florida CRC on Pro-Life Privacy Proposal

Today Commissioner John Stemberger will be speaking before the full Florida Constitution Revision Commission (CRC) in favor of the Florida Privacy Restoration Act (Proposal 22). His speech will occur at approximately 1pm on The Florida Channel. You can watch these … Continue reading

Final Legislative Insider’s Report from Tallahassee – Week 9 of 9

Another legislative session is just about wrapped up. The only remaining business is the passage of the state budget and tax package bills on Sunday afternoon. (According to a joint agreement, the House and Senate are not able to discuss any other items when they reconvene on Sunday.) It has been a long, emotionally exhausting week with many hours on the floor of both chambers dedicated to the passage of HB 7026… Continue reading

Time is running out… This is the final week of Florida’s 60-day Legislative Session

Time is running out…This final week of Florida’s 60-day Legislative Session is the most critical. Many states have their legislative session year-round and things happen at a more “normal” pace.  This year, 3,149 bills were proposed during Florida’s legislative session and it’s only 60 days long – so it is INTENSE!  Continue reading

Legislative Insider’s Report from Tallahassee – Week 8 of 9

It has been a very busy week here in Tallahassee as legislators have been working hard to come to an agreement on the state budget (the only bill they are required to pass) and to develop a comprehensive plan to address school safety after the Parkland shooting. Budget conference committees for both the House and Senate are meeting over the weekend and the Senate is in session today to discuss their school safety proposal.  Continue reading

We need your help! Homeschooling Options Are Under Attack!

Please call or email the Senate Appropriations Committee and respectfully ask them to leave homeschool private distance learning and tutoring programs alone. The Senate Education Committee recently added a dangerous strike-all amendment to HB 7055, the House’s 2018 omnibus education package. Continue reading

Legislative Insider’s Report from Tallahassee – Week 7 of 9

This week students from Parkland and across the state descended on Tallahassee to call for legislative action after the school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School last week. Photo Credit: The Palm Beach Post On Tuesday and Wednesday, students … Continue reading

Critical Update on Florida’s Constitution Revision Commission (CRC): Upcoming Hearings in Melbourne, Jacksonville, Pensacola, Cape Coral & St. Petersburg

Your voice is needed at one of the four upcoming historic hearings of the 2017-2018 Florida Constitutional Revision Commission (CRC) scheduled during the next few weeks.  As you may know, the CRC only gathers once every 20 years to review the state constitution.  As part of this process, the CRC proposes constitutional amendments which citizens will be able to vote on in the November 2018 election. Continue reading

Legislative Insider’s Report from Tallahassee – Week 6 of 9

While legislators try to figure out what to do in the aftermath of the shooting in Parkland this week, legislative business continued albeit at a slower pace than one might have expected. Continue reading

Legislative Insider’s Report from Tallahassee – Week 5 of 9

Much of this week’s happenings centered around the state budget and education, specifically the Hope Scholarship program that is being championed by House Speaker Richard Corcoran. Both the House and Senate rolled out their budget proposals this week. Continue reading

Legislative Insider’s Report from Tallahassee – Week 4 of 9

Week 4 is over and there was quite a bit of movement on some bills that we’re watching, but haven’t listed on our core legislative agenda. First off, the House rolled out its gambling bill for year this week. The … Continue reading

Legislative Insider’s Report Week 3 of 9

We were excited to see so many new faces this week in Tallahassee for our 5th annual Pro-Family Days! Each year the event has grown, and this year is no exception. Over 250 supporters and legislators from around the state joined us on Monday and Tuesday for this exciting event! Continue reading

Legislative Insider’s Report Week 2 of 9

It’s hard to believe that we’re already at the end of the second week of Legislative Session! We have been busy preparing for 2018 Pro-Family Days at the Capitol and are expecting to have a great event with our keynote … Continue reading

Congress Voted Against Banning Taxpayer Funding of Gender Transition Benefits for Military

From the desk of John Stemberger, President of Florida Family Policy Council: I am sitting here stunned. Late last week, Congress voted on an amendment by Rep. Vicky Hartzler (R-MO) to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) which would have … Continue reading

Florida Family Policy Council Praises Governor Scott for Veto of “Whiskey and Wheaties”

(TALLAHASSEE, FL) On Wednesday evening, Governor Scott vetoed SB 106, dubbed “Whiskey and Wheaties” by the media. The bill, if passed, would have allowed grocery stores and big box retailers (like Walmart and Target) to sell hard liquor in the … Continue reading

Ask Governor Scott to Veto “Whiskey and Wheaties”

Right now, sitting on Governor Scott’s desk awaiting signature, is SB 106 which has been dubbed “Whiskey and Wheaties”.  This piece of legislation would remove a requirement for hard liquor to be sold in small package stores paving the way … Continue reading

Legislative Insider’s Report: Week 9 of 9

It’s a wrap, folks! After 63 days, the Legislature adjourned at 8:52 pm on Monday night after passing the state budget.  While there is rampant speculation that Gov. Scott may veto the budget and force a special session of the … Continue reading

Announcing A New Summer Program For 16-25 Year Old Students!

Patriot Academy is an intensive leadership boot camp for young people ages 16-25. Students develop leadership strategies, life purpose plans, media relations, public speaking advanced communication skills, campaign techniques, and a founding fathers’ philosophy of government. Continue reading

Legislative Insider’s Report: Week 8 of 9

We are headed into the final week of Session, and with that, comes the final push to get the budget (the Legislature’s only constitutionally mandated requirement) and other important legislation passed. Continue reading

Legislative Insider’s Report Week 7 of 9

The question on everyone’s mind this week is “Will they or won’t they?” Speculation is running rampant in the Capitol as to whether or not the Legislature will finish its business before the end of the normal 60-day session, which is May 5th. There are a number of issues which have yet to be resolved, most importantly the budget. Continue reading

Legislative Insider’s Report: Weeks 5 and 6 of 9

We hope this message finds you and your family well and that you had a blessed celebration of the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ this past weekend. We’re now entering the final three weeks of Legislative Session. Both chambers are considering major legislation regarding the budget, school choice, gambling, and more! Continue reading

Legislative Insider’s Report Week 4 of 9

We are almost halfway through Legislative Session this year, and it ended up being a fairly busy week for education bills, which is great news as legislators are looking to give Florida’s students as many educational options as possible. Both the House and the Senate released their proposed budgets this week and will begin to shift some of their focus to ironing out those details. Some of the subcommittees had their final meetings for the year, and so this is the point where bills begin to die if they are not moving through the process. We are continuing to work hard to see that good legislation is passed this year. Continue reading

Protect your children, grandchildren, business and religious liberty from harmful legislation today!

These days we tend to view the law as something far removed from us, something that happens somewhere else… but as you can see from the bills below, all laws affect you and me, our children and our families, businesses, etc., either directly or indirectly. Continue reading

Legislative Insider’s Report Week 3 of 9

Perhaps the biggest news this week for many of our supporters was that Florida Family Policy Council President John Stemberger was appointed to the Constitution Revision Commission (CRC) by Speaker Richard Corcoran. On Monday, he was sworn in by the Chief Justice of the Florida Supreme Court to serve for the next 18 months as a commissioner on the CRC, which is a constitutional position. Continue reading

Legislative Insider’s Report Week 2 of 9 | Pro-Family Days

The Florida Family Policy Council (FFPC) hosted its 4th annual Pro-Family Days in Tallahassee this past Monday and Tuesday. On Monday, FFPC trained attendees how to lobby and briefed them on current life, gambling, and LGBT bills being considered by the Legislature. We were joined by policy experts Bill Bunkley of Florida Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, Sara Johnson of No Casinos, Amber Kelly of Florida Family Action, and FFPC President John Stemberger. Over 250 supporters and legislators from around the state joined us this year in Tallahassee for Pro-Family Days. Continue reading

Legislative Insider’s Report: Week 1 of 9

The Legislature opened the 2017 session this week with a bang! On Tuesday, we saw addresses from the Governor, the Speaker of the House, and the Senate President. A battle has been brewing between Governor Rick Scott and House Speaker Richard Corcoran… Continue reading

We need leaders like you to encourage your congregation to vote and become active citizens to make a difference in this critical election.

We need leaders like you to encourage your congregation to vote and become active citizens to make a difference in this critical election. Continue reading

3 Resources to Help You Think About Trump vs Clinton & the 2016 Presidential Race

As you consider the 2016 Election, here are 3 resources to help you make a wise and informed decision on why and how you should vote. Continue reading

Victory Report: Our Year in Review 2015-2016

We’re excited to share with you this short video, highlighting exciting events and victories that have happened so far this year through FFPC to impact Florida’s families, protect life, marriage, family and religious liberty.
Continue reading

VICTORY REPORT: Final Insider’s Report: Week 9 of 9 of Florida’s 2016 Legislative Session

We have reached the end of Florida’s 2016 Legislative Session! After 9 weeks of session, at 6:45 pm on Friday, the House and Senate jointly adjourned Sine Die (which means “without day”) signifying the official end of Legislative Session. Continue reading

Week 6 of 9: Florida Family Policy Council’s Insider’s Report Week 6 Florida’s Legislative Session

Our Week 6 Legislative Insider’s Report is packed full with information on upcoming events, our Presidential Primary Voter Guides, and updates on Florida’s Legislative Session. Bills discussed this week included: Gambling, Human Trafficking, Abortion, Education, Religious Freedom and more! Continue reading

Presidential Primary Voter Guides Available Now

The historic Florida Presidential Primary is less than a month away on Tuesday, March 15, 2016! The Florida Family Policy Council is now offering a thoroughly researched voter guide free of charge. It is now available online electronically with interactive research or by paper hand delivered to your church. We are taking orders now from churches that would like to receive these voter guides. Continue reading

Week 5 of 9: Florida Family Policy Council’s Insider’s Report Week 5 Florida’s Legislative Session

Because of the 152 people who came up to the Senate meeting in Tallahassee from all across the state on Monday, and because of the hundreds who called and emailed on Tuesday, when some legislators tried to resurrect the bad bill in a last minute maneuver, we were able to ultimately stop and kill the single most dangerous proposal in the 2016 legislative session.  The so-called Competitive Workforce Act (deceptively named bill adding sexual orientation and gender identity and expression, or SOGI, to the Florida Civil Rights Act) would have allowed men and boys complete access to women’s and girls’ showers, locker rooms and bathrooms.  It also would have created a weapon to punish Christians who live out their faith in the public square. Continue reading

Week 4 of 9: Florida Family Policy Council’s Insider’s Report Week 4 Florida’s Legislative Session

THIS UPCOMING WEEK WILL BE A CRITICAL WEEK FOR RELIGIOUS LIBERTY IN FLORIDA! Dangerous legislation designed to punish Christians and business owners living out their faith in Florida is being considered by the Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday.

On Monday 2/8 at 1:30PM EST, in room 110 of the Senate Office Building (connected to the Capitol) the Senate Judiciary Committee will be considering SB 120: Florida Competitive Workforce Act, a dangerous piece of legislation mirroring LGBT initiatives occurring at city, county, and state levels here in Florida and across the nation which attempt to create a new protected class for the categories of Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Gender Expression (SOGI). Continue reading

Week 3 of 9: FFPC’s Insider’s Report Week Three in the Florida Legislative Session

The Florida Family Policy Council (FFPC) hosted its annual Pro Family Days in Tallahassee this week. On Monday, FFPC trained attendees how to lobby and updated them on current bills and issues. We were joined by policy experts Bill Bunkley, Florida Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, Michele Taylor, Florida Conference of Catholic Bishops, John Sowinski of No Casinos, and Rev. Mario Bramnick, Hispanic Israel Leadership Coalition. The event was held at the Civic Center in Tallahassee and gathered 155 supporters from all across the state and 175 for the Legislative Prayer Breakfast. Continue reading

Week 1 of 9: Florida Family Policy Council’s Insider’s Report Week One of Florida’s Legislative Session

This week was the first week of Florida’s 2016 Legislative Session. We are excited to bring to you FFPC’s first Legislative Insider’s Report for this year. But before we do, we want to remind you of an exciting opportunity coming up in January—our 3rd Annual Pro-Family Lobbying Days at the Capitol and Legislative Prayer Breakfast, January 25-26. Continue reading