BREAKING NEWS: Governor DeSantis To Appoint Robert Luck To Florida Supreme Court

“Robert Luck is not only a brilliant jurist but is also a decent and kind human being. To speak with, or listen to Judge Luck, is to realize you are in the presence of a truly unique and Scalia-like intellect…” Continue reading

Breaking News: Governor DeSantis Appoints Barbara Lagoa to Florida Supreme Court

Today, Governor Ron DeSantis announced the appointment of Judge Barbara Lagoa, the first of three appointments which are expected to the Florida Supreme Court.  Continue reading

Volunteers Work in Fla. Panhandle to Get ‘Hurricane’ Voters to Polls

Stemberger’s team of 60 volunteers are navigating storm-tossed neighborhoods and shelters to help Hurricane Michael refugees get to the new, centralized polling locations there that have replaced the normal election infrastructure blown away by the storm, one of the strongest to ever hit the United States. Continue reading

Vote Yes on Amendment 3 to Freeze the Expansion of Casino Gambling

I feel very strongly about our need to support Amendment 3 which freezes all casino gambling in Florida and removes government’s ability to create more casinos on Florida’s beautiful beaches and shorelines. Please watch my 2-minute video explaining why we should all VOTE YES on 3! Continue reading

We have young people who need your help!

The world is a much different place than when you and I were growing up.  Hostile peer pressure, worldly academic deception, and cultural influence are too strong for most youth to withstand. We must equip our young people to not … Continue reading

Call Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry Immediately and Tell Him to Keep His Promise & Veto the HRO

Last night, the Jacksonville City Council passed a Human Rights Ordinance (HRO) creating a weapon to punish Christians seeking to live and work according to their faith without government interference and allowing men to use women’s showers, locker rooms, bathrooms … Continue reading

Jacksonville Needs Your Help!

The citizens of Jacksonville are fighting their own city council to stop them from trying to adopt a dangerous sexual orientation and gender identity ordinance.  Despite claims of “new compromise language,” the Jacksonville Human Rights Ordinance (HRO) 2017-15, puts women’s … Continue reading

2017 Pro-Family Lobbying Days

Our most exciting and dynamic event of the year, the Pro-Life, Pro-Family Lobby Days at the Capitol is coming quickly March 13-14, 2017  in Tallahassee, Florida.  This two-day event includes fellowship, training,  lobbying, praise and worship, meeting and learning from … Continue reading

Sanctity of Life Events – January 2017

UPCOMING FLORIDA PRO-LIFE EVENTS CELEBRATING LIFE & MOURNING ROE VS. WADE   Baker County Macclenny Wednesday, January 18th at 7:30 am – Sanctity of Human Life Prayer Breakfast at Christian Fellowship Temple (251 W. Ohio Avenue). Sponsored by First Coast Women’s Services, the … Continue reading

Tell the Jacksonville City Council to Say “NO” to the HRO!

  Members of the Jacksonville City Council have just filed the bad Human Rights Ordinance (HRO) bill again, still puts women’s privacy, safety and dignity at risk while using showers, locker rooms, spas and bathrooms by allowing men to use … Continue reading

Gov. Scott Appoints Conservative Judge Alan Lawson to Florida Supreme Court

In a victory for conservatives, Gov. Rick Scott appointed Judge C. Alan Lawson from the 5th District Court of Appeals this morning. Judge Lawson said that he will exercise judicial restraint at this morning’s announcement. In his interview with the … Continue reading

Join With Us On Giving Tuesday And Make A Difference

GIVING TUESDAY turns our focus from material shopping to charitable generous GIVING to favorite charitable organizations which impact your community.  We won’t promise you a % off of a sale item…  but we will promise that we will work hard and strategically to deliver a huge “Saving.” Continue reading

Florida Family Action Analysis of the 2016 Election Results

Donald Trump will be the 45th President of the United States. On Tuesday, America resoundingly said “I’m not with her!” The ‘basket of deplorables,’ as Clinton called them, were sufficiently angry and tired of the direction of our country. They made it very clear that they were not going to take it anymore. Continue reading

Leadership in an Angry and Divided Nation: A Christian Response to the 2016 Election Results

Whether Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump wins, it seems inevitable that America will be angrier and more divided. This heightened “national anger” and division will present a major challenge in the ongoing struggle to maintain a civil and orderly society. Within the Church, we will have continuing challenges to achieve unity, advance God’s Kingdom, and effectively proclaim the Gospel.
Continue reading

Join Us for Fall Debate Watch Parties & Other Important Fall Election Events

Many exciting and important FREE events are happening this fall! In preparation for the election, we are hosting debate watch parties, pastors conferences, community forums, and sharing important deadlines to help prepare and equip you and other Floridians to make … Continue reading

Right down the street from our offices…My Story, Experiences & Perspective after the Orlando Massacre

This is my community. These are our streets and neighborhoods. The people that were killed and injured are not just “gay.” They are human beings! They are my neighbors! They are fellow Americans! Continue reading

LifeNews: Florida Gov. Rick Scott Signs Bill to Defund Planned Parenthood Abortion Business

Florida Governor Rick Scott has signed a bill that would revoke taxpayer funding from the Planned Parenthood abortion business and any other clinics that also do abortions. Continue reading

URGENT JAX ALERT: Sign Petition for Referendum on HRO

Tell the Jacksonville City Council to Let the People Decide Whether Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression Should Be Added as New Protected Classes Continue reading

Time for Gov. Scott to stop money for Planned Parenthood

States considering termination of Medicaid Provider Agreements with Planned Parenthood are well within their legal rights. They are not required to qualify providers that are under investigation, that violate federal or state law or that act unethically. Indeed, according to the HHS Office of Inspector General, more than 9,000 providers have been excluded as Medicaid providers over the last two decades. Continue reading

Celebrating Ten Years of Fighting for Life, Marriage, Family and Liberty

Ten years of advocacy, fighting for life, marriage, family and liberty Continue reading

Taxpayer Rally to Defund Planned Parenthood Postponed to Spring 2016

“This violent and horrifying act by someone who has a troubling and violent past, is in complete opposition to the pro-life cause,” said John Stemberger, President of the Florida Family Policy Council. “We believe that we must continue promoting the pro-life message and reiterate the concern we have for every human life including the victims of this tragedy. Continue reading

Colorado Becomes the Latest State to Consider Defunding Planned Parenthood

As Colorado becomes the latest state to consider ending taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood, the Florida Family Policy Council (FFPC), led by President and General Counsel John Stemberger, is urging Governor Rick Scott to follow the lead of Pro-Life Governors across the country by blocking state and federal taxpayer funds from going to Planned Parenthood in the State of Florida. Continue reading

Pro-Life Floridians Outraged as Taxpayer Funding Flows to Planned Parenthood

The pro-life community in the State of Florida is growing increasingly frustrated with Governor Rick Scott’s excuses for refusing to stop state taxpayer money from flowing to Planned Parenthood and are demanding he do so immediately. Continue reading

Gov. Rick Scott Apparently Unfazed by Newest Planned Parenthood Video

Pro-Life Floridians Continue to be Outraged as State Taxpayer Funding of Planned Parenthood Continues
Continue reading

Reality Check (4 of 4): Reasons Florida Gov. Rick Scott Refuses to Defund Planned Parenthood

Scott unapologetically refuses to defund Planned Parenthood just because he does not want to. “Gov. Rick Scott has no interest in cancelling the state’s Medicaid contracts with Planned Parenthood. Spokeswoman Jackie Schutz confirmed that the governor has no intentions to cancel the contracts after the conservative Florida Family Policy Council went after Scott on Thursday, demanding that he cancel the contracts.” – Michael Auslen, Oct 2, 2015, Miami Herald Continue reading

Reality Check (3 of 4): Reasons Florida Gov. Rick Scott Refuses to Defund Planned Parenthood

The job of any Governor is to enforce the law, and we appreciate Governor Scott for doing that. Yet any Governor, regardless of whether they are pro-life or pro-abortion, should enforce the law and hold people accountable for violating it. Continue reading

If Texas Can Do It, So Can Florida!

Yesterday, the Dallas Morning News reported that the state of Texas joined other states including Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Utah, New Hampshire and Wisconsin in efforts to defund Planned Parenthood from receiving all state taxpayer dollars. Now it’s Governor Scott’s turn. If Texas can do it, so can Florida. Continue reading

Texas Cuts Taxpayer Funding to Planned Parenthood

“Texas has done exactly what we are asking Governor Rick Scott to do in Florida: namely completely defunding Planned Parenthood and stopping any more taxpayer funds from going to Planned Parenthood as a Medicaid provider,” said John Stemberger, President and General Counsel of the Florida Family Policy Council. “Planned Parenthood’s termination as a Medicaid provider would not affect access to care in Florida, as it will not in Texas, because there are thousands of Federally Qualified Health Clinics, Medicaid-certified rural health clinics, and other providers across the state that provide quality healthcare to Medicaid patients.” Continue reading

Reality Check (2 of 4): Reasons Florida Gov. Rick Scott Refuses to Defund Planned Parenthood

Our state tax dollars are not being sent to an organization which complies with all State and Federal laws. Planned Parenthood chapters across the country work together as a “federation” and have an extensive record of audits, investigations and fines for waste, fraud and illegal activity, and are currently being investigated, criminally and civilly, at every level for offenses including failure to report statutory rape, failure to comply with parental involvement laws, and failure to comply with health and safety clinic regulations. Continue reading

Dan Webster is the One Man Who Can Reform Congress. Here’s Why …

If there is one man who can fundamentally reform the way the United States Congress does business, it is Dan Webster. Why? For the simple reason that we saw him do it in Florida. Continue reading

FFPC Launches Campaign to Defund Planned Parenthood in Florida Demands Gov. Rick Scott Utilize Executive Action Immediately

Earlier today, the Florida Family Policy Council (FFPC), led by President and General Counsel John Stemberger, held a press conference to herald the launch of a statewide campaign – on behalf of thousands of pro-life Floridians – calling on Gov. Rick Scott (R) to fully defund Planned Parenthood in the state, and redirect those funds to the more than 600 community health clinics in Florida. Continue reading

Save the Date: Tenth Anniversary Dinner FFPC

Featuring Albert Mohler, President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, one of the largest seminaries in the world. Albert Mohler will be speaking on the topic of his new book, “We Cannot Be Silent.” Time Magazine has called Al Mohler the “Reigning intellectual of the evangelical movement in the U.S.” Continue reading

With the Supreme Court’s decision, your gift to protect family and freedom is more crucial now than ever!

The bottom line, is that the decision by the majority is extremely disappointing, but we are called to be faithful and stand for what is right, regardless of the circumstance. Continue reading

BREAKING NEWS: US Supreme Court Forces Redefinition of Marriage in All 50 States

“This sad day in history will forever reflect the that highest court of our land ignored the rule of law and the will of 51 million people in over 38 states in an illegitimate act of raw judicial power and arrogance.” Continue reading

Faith Based Agencies at Risk After Governor Signs HB 7013

Florida Governor Rick Scott signed into law and approved a bill which removed Florida’s long standing law prohibiting homosexuals from adopting which also leaves Florida’s faith based adoption agency at risk of being legally attacked and shutting down. Catholic Charities and other faith-based agencies have closed in Massachusetts, Illinois, California and Washington, DC for similar reasons like having polices preferring placements of children with married mothers and fathers. Continue reading

GOP Battle For Florida: Straw Poll Results

Florida Family Action hosted its 2016 GOP Battle for Florida event on Tuesday, May 19, 2015 at 7 PM in the greater Orlando area. Click here to see results of the straw poll. Continue reading

Letter: Family Research Council on Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act

The enactment of Indiana’s religious freedom restoration bill is not about religious bigotry, anti-homosexual bias, hatred, intolerance, or marginalizing anyone….This is about protecting the religious liberty of people of faith and families of faith across this country, that’s what it’s been for more than 20 years, and that’s what it is now as the law in Indiana. Continue reading

LGBT Community Defends Arlene’s Flowers

The political leadership of the LGBT movement wants to convince the world that the debate over conscience rights and religious freedom is a debate between those who hate gay people and those who don’t. In reality, its a debate between those who hate freedom and those who don’t. Continue reading

Good News for Anxious Believers in 2015: Ten Positive Things We Can Be Thankful For

2014 was a year of some pretty bad news. Between Ebola, ISIS, race relations, cyber-attacks, airline crashes, Obama’s executive orders “gone wild” and the attacks on marriage, it’s easy to become discouraged. Further, our own society is in moral free-fall and the country we know and love is in dire economic, spiritual, political, and social straits. If you’re like me, you hear so much bad news that it’s easy to become negative and jaded, overlooking the positive and powerful things happening in the midst of all the depravity. So to help you restore hope in the New Year, and give a more realistic perspective, here are ten really great (even amazing) things happening in our world right now. Continue reading

Live Report and Commentary From Miami: Defending Florida’s Marriage Amendment in Court

I was in Miami yesterday afternoon and evening to attend the court hearing where six same-sex couples are suing the Miami Dade Clerk of Court asking the judge to strike down Florida’s Marriage Amendment… Continue reading

“Sine Die” Victories

We had a great run this session with some solid victories. Below is a summary of the legislative victories of the good bills that passed which now await the Governor’s signature or veto. Continue reading

8th Annual Policy Awards Dinner

We encourage you to watch the videos if you were not able to be part of our biggest event of the year. Thank you again for your support of our work. Continue reading

Action Alert: Town Hall Meetings in Your Area on Casino Expansion & Common Core

Let your voice be heard in your local community on casino expansion and the Common Core education curriculum. Continue reading

New Gambling Study Released on Eve of Gambling Committee Meetings

Just days before Committee Week and the Florida Senate’s first meeting to discuss the future of gambling here, comes a new study that could become a valuable guide for lawmakers during their deliberations. 33 scholars have put together their 31 evidence-based propositions regarding state-sponsored gambling. Continue reading

Next Week America Stands at Another Crossroads in Her History

[This was sent on Friday, June 21 to our email subscribers. Sign up here if you’d like to receive future updates.] Dear friend, America stands at another crossroad in her history.  Next week, likely on Monday but possibly Thursday, the … Continue reading

John Stemberger: Scouting is for honor, not sex and politics

“What kind of a message are we sending to our young people if the very leaders who are teaching Boy Scouts to be brave cannot even find the courage to stand firm and avoid caving in to peer pressure from Hollywood and political activists?” Continue reading

John Stemberger on NPR about Boy Scout decision

John Stemberger on NPR about Boy Scouts considering allowing homosexual Scout leaders. Continue reading

Let Scouting Principles Stand

If the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) departs from its longstanding policy and allows openly gay scoutmasters and scouts, it will destroy the legitimacy and security of this American institution. Continue reading

News Roundup: December 21, 2012

On Twitter and on our Facebook page we keep you up to date with regular posts about our mission: life, marriage, family and liberty. We know you don’t spend your whole day online, so here’s a recap of this week’s stories. Continue reading

News Roundup: November 30, 2012

On Twitter and on our Facebook page we keep you up to date with regular posts about our mission: life, marriage, family and liberty. We know you don’t spend your whole day online, so here’s a recap of this week’s stories. Continue reading

Why Republicans Lost: Analysis and Lessons from the 2012 Presidential Election

It is hard to make the argument for one glaring reason that caused Republicans to lose the White House in 2012. It appears to be a more complex combination of circumstances that came together to produce a victory for President Obama. Here is one man’s perspective on what went wrong for conservatives and what the left did correctly. Continue reading

Faithful to the End

Mother Teresa said “We do nothing. God does everything. All glory must be returned to Him. God has not called me to be successful. He called me to be faithful.” Would that we could all have this same steady and eternal perspective when we face the wins and losses of life. Continue reading

Amendment 8 Endorsements

On Tuesday we sent an email including a list of leaders and organizations’ opinions on Amendment 8. In the last two days even more leaders have declared their support for one of the most important Amendments on the ballot. Continue reading

Supreme Decisions

As the Court’s new term begins, they are likely to take up the Defense of Marriage Act and whether states like Florida must have federal permission to change voting laws. Reminder that the next President will likely make at least one appointment to the SCOTUS. Continue reading

Presidential Debate Schedule

Schedule for the upcoming Presidential and Vice-Presidential debates. Continue reading

What Do Americans Think About Marriage?

A Zogby poll found that 51.4% of likely voters believe the “ideal family is built around a stable marriage between a man and a woman.” Continue reading

Democrats remove “God” from the Party platform: How Will Christian Democrats React?

Is the DNC turning its back on Christian Democrats? God’s name has been removed from the Democratic National Committee platform. Continue reading

Wrap-Up: Prayer Rally for America’s Future

Yesterday afternoon (Sunday, August 26) the Florida Family Policy Council hosted a Prayer Rally for America’s Future with CitizenLink and Salem Radio. Continue reading

Romney’s VP Pick – Paul Ryan: Information about the man and his record on the issues

Social and economic conservatives successfully put tremendous public pressure on Mitt Romney to choose Paul Ryan as his running mate, but why? Who is he and what does he bring to the ticket? Continue reading

Liberal Christianity on the Decline

Churches that are abandoning the Scriptural definition of marriage, okaying abortion, and other capitulations to culture are seeing the inevitable result: people no longer see why they’re any different from secular liberals. After all, if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything. Continue reading

Fair, legal elections and legal voters? Former Governor Charlie Crist says, “No” ???

Unfortunately, voter fraud of all types exists in every state in the nation. Felons voting, dead people voting, people voting in two OR more places…. it’s enough to make the average legal voter wonder if his/her vote really counts. Continue reading

Five Florida Counties Begin Voting Even Earlier

The primary election is August 14th. If you live in Hillsborough, Hardy, Hendry, Monroe, or Collier County, you can choose to vote early beginning July 30th. Other counties’ Early Voting begins August 4th. Continue reading

John Stemberger on Cover of Citizen Magazine

The article recounts recent pro-life legislation and the 2008 Marriage Amendment passed thanks to coalitions of pastors, patriots, and pro-family organizations united with the Florida Family Policy Council, Florida Family Action, and Florida Family Action PAC to impact Florida forever. Continue reading

The 40-year Price Tag of No-Fault Divorce: States consider laws to lower divorce rates

Something has to be done. Not only are pre-marital counseling and education more important now than ever before, but the faith-based community and government must take steps to help divorce-proof more marriages. Continue reading

Gender-Based Abortions Are Just the Beginning

While many now balk at the idea of gender-based abortions (still legal in 46 states), within a few years a new type of DNA testing may mean parents can find more “reasons” to kill their babies. Continue reading

Did Blankenhorn really change his view on same sex marriage?

Social scientist and Proposition 8 Expert Witness David Blankenhorn recently announced he now “accepts gay marriage” but contradicts himself by insisting he did not retract any of his previous views to the contrary on traditional marriage. Continue reading

Children Raised by Intact Biological Family Better in 77 out of 80 markers

A new study published in the July issue of Social Science Research shows that children raised by homosexual parents have distinct disadvantages compared to those raised by their married mothers and fathers. Continue reading

Citizens Protest Mandated Contraceptives and Abortion Drugs

On June 8th citizens gathered in more than 150 rallies around the country to protest the new healthcare mandate that requires businesses, schools and institutions to provide coverage for contraceptive and abortifacient drugs.
On June 15th the Catholic Health Association withdrew its support of the contraceptive mandate with its religious exemption… Continue reading

EEOC Says Transgender Employees Protected

The EEOC isn’t a court or Congress, but this decision gives us a very clear view of how the Commission will view charges of discrimination brought by transgender individuals (although it does not definitively determine how courts will rule). This is yet another step toward eroding marriage and other precious historical institutions in America. Continue reading

BREAKING NEWS: Muslim Hacker Destroys FFPC Website

We have some rather stunning and almost unbelievable news that we need to report. Late last week, we were attacked and the code of our FFPC website at localhost was completely disabled and destroyed by a radical Muslim hacker. Let … Continue reading

Ruling not just wrong but an insult to democracy

Excerpt from The Palm Beach Post: Vaughn Walker, the federal judge who “ruled” California’s marriage amendment is unconstitutional, is wrong – on the law, on the social science and on his role as a judge. Read the rest of the … Continue reading

>Poll Question about HB 1143 was biased

>An article yesterday in the St. Petersburg Times touts a poll that indicates Floridians are opposed to the Pro-Life bill HB 1143. However, closer scrutiny of the question that the poll asked reveals why the poll results were most likely skewed … Continue reading

>Commentary by Thomas hits Florida Legislators on Gambling proposals

> The Orlando Sentinel’s Mike Thomas had an excellent piece yesterday about the proposals that FL Legislators are making to bring a multitude of Las Vegas Casinos to Florida. He makes a strong and compelling case why this is bad … Continue reading

>Orlando Sentinel Devotes Column To Criticizing Mistaken Photograph in FFPC E-Newsletter

>Last week the Florida Family Policy Council’s weekly E-Newsletter contained a story about yet a third South Florida activist judge who illegally approved a homosexual adoption in direct defiance of Florida’s law which prohibits the arrangements. The photo in the … Continue reading

>Special Video Greeting from John Stemberger, President of the Florida Family Policy Council

> To make an end of the year gift to the Florida Family Policy Councildonate online by clicking HERE CLICK HERE to read our 2008 Achievements

Anti-slots campaign targets Jan. 29 vote

From the Miami Herald: A new anti-casinos group that includes greyhound advocates, mothers against gambling and conservative Christian organizations declared Wednesday that ”Miami is not for sale” as it announced plans to fight the Jan. 29 slot machine referendum. Miami-Dade … Continue reading

David Brooks: Conservative Success Depends on Adopting Liberal Policies?

An editorial that ran in the April 29th New York Times and many other papers makes the claim that conservatives have not had political success in recent elections because they did not adopt liberal policies. Gary Schneeberger, senior media director … Continue reading

Amniotic Fluid offers new Stem Cell Hope

There is an ongoing national debate over the best way to approach scientific research using stem cells. The debate has centered around those who want to destroy human embryos for the purpose of obtaining stem cells for experiments verses those … Continue reading