The world is a much different place than when you and I were growing up.  Hostile peer pressure, worldly academic deception, and cultural influence are too strong for most youth to withstand.

We must equip our young people to not only be ready and able to withstand the pressure and the attacks on their faith and values, but to thrive and be ready to change the world for Christ! 

The way to do this is to find true champions of our values in young people, and train and equip them to be leaders, ready to be light in a dark and culturally hostile world.

I cannot stress enough, how important investing in, and training, the next generation is!

This is why we are excited to bring the Patriot Academy training program to Florida.

Patriot Academy is a 3-day intensive training opportunity for young people ages 16-25.  Through training in communications, worldview, debate, leadership, politics, law, and history, students are trained and equipped to confidently stand for and articulate their faith and values.  

For three days young people will live and work in the Florida Capitol.  They will argue for their idea on how to make the world a better place.  They will sit where the actual legislators sit, debate and see their names on the board when they vote on issues.  They attend training classes and are personally coached and taught how to stand for truth.

Check out the video testimony from Benjamin who attended Patriot Academy last year and described the experience as one of the most significant in his life….


2016 was our first year to offer the Patriot Academy in Tallahassee and 25 students participated.  Our goal this year is to double the number of students and be able to train at least 50 students in 2017.

The only thing holding us back are the finances, which limits the number of scholarships available.

This training will serve young people on their college campus, in the marketplace, and as they discover their voice and role as an active citizen and eventually a leader in their community. Whether they pursue public office or not this training is invaluable to teaching confident and helping then find their purpose in the world.

Will you invest in the next generation with a gift today?    

Patriot Academy (PA) started in Texas some 14 years ago and today it is hard to find a legislative office in the Texas where a PA graduate is not employed somewhere.  We would love to annually train a team of young people who will go out and influence Tallahassee in the same way!

I firmly believe that every Christian young person age 16 and older would benefit from Patriot Academy – so much so, that I am even sending my oldest son through the program this year!

Click here to invest in the next generation of leaders with a gift.

Click here for more information about Patriot Academy.

If you have questions about registering your child or grandchild, please feel free to call our office at 407-251-5130.

Today’s youth are tomorrow’s leaders.

This year’s Patriot Academy will take place from June 28th to 30th  at the Capitol in the House of Representatives in Tallahassee, Florida.

We have several promising young people who would like to attend but are financially unable to without your help.

Your gift today will allow us to offer quality students a scholarship to this life-changing event and underwrite their cost to attend! 

We are aggressively promoting the training and will soon have a long list of young people who would benefit from attending.

Thank you for your prayers and hopefully for your support!

Our young people are our hope for the future.  With your help, we will equip them to not just survive in a hostile world but to become leaders and change that world for Christ!


John Stemberger

PS:  Please consider standing with me and praying for and investing in our young people today!  This is a life-changing training for these young people and we can’t do this without your partnership.  Thank you, once again.

Here are some examples of how your gift today could help:
$50 offsets the cost of printed training materials for a student.
$100 helps alleviate the cost of the training program.
$250 covers 3 days of meals and transportation to/from the event for a student.
$500 pays the program fee for one student.
$750 underwrites the program fee, meals, and transportation for one student. (Basically, all expenses paid for one student.)
$1,500 funds the program fee, meals, and transportation for two students. (Basically, all expenses paid for two students.)

A gift of ANY size is appreciated! Thank you for your consideration!

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