It’s all about our young people…!

(The first part of this post shares a special need and is your invitation to invest in our young people, the second part of this email is about signing up a young person to participate in the Patriot Academy.)

Today’s youth face an increasingly hostile culture when it comes to a Christian worldview.

For this reason, it is more important than ever before to invest in training our young people with a solid worldview, and to equip them with the skills to be able to confidently defend their faith and the principles of a Christian worldview.

Patriot Academy is the premier training program available for youth today.  It is so good, in fact, that I sent my oldest son to experience it last year, and I plan to send each of my children through Patriot Academy when they are old enough to attend.

If you have not given a gift recently to the Florida Family Policy Council, would you consider giving a gift today for this special project? 


This intensive 3-day leadership training program for Florida students, age 16-25, is held in Tallahassee each summer and is an invaluable opportunity for students to learn and practice important life-leadership skills. 

Participants will learn a founding fathers’ philosophy of government from a biblical worldview, be immersed in the legislative process and learn how to make a difference, develop media relations and public speaking skills, practice campaign techniques, and more!

Many also graduate from the course having a more firm direction for their life and a better understanding of their purpose in life.  This training is relevant and beneficial to all students regardless of their field of study.

Please consider investing in our next generation with a special gift TODAY.

Here are some examples of how your gift today can help:

A $25 gift could go toward program costs.
A $50 gift could cover the cost of printed training materials for one student.
A $100 gift could go toward the cost of implementing the training program.
A $250 gift could cover 3 days of meals and transportation to/from event for one student.
A $500 gift could cover the program fee for one student.
A $750 gift could cover the program fee, meals and transportation for one student.  (Basically, all expenses paid for one student.)
A $1,500 gift could cover the program fee, meals, and transportation for two students.  (Basically, all expenses paid for two students.)

A gift of any amount is appreciated!  





Register your student by this Friday, June 1 at midnight, online here.

A discounted rate of $375 (regularly $500) is offered until June 1st.   

Full scholarships are available to students whose parents served or currently serve in the armed forces, law enforcement, are firefighters, EMTs, or first responders. Click here for more information.

To learn more about Patriot Academy, visit:

pa 2   sworn in patriot academy


In our challenging culture, it’s important to equip our youth to be leaders that stand for truth and are able to defend what they believe in their schools, communities, and workplaces.

Help us inspire, educate and challenge the next generation… by investing in this special training program, or sponsor a student to attend Patriot Academy this year in Tallahassee.


May I ask you for a favor?  After you consider your best gift, would you please either forward this email to someone you know who has youth who might benefit from Patriot Academy, or forward this to others who share your concern and hope for the next generation, and then also follow us on Facebook?

We sincerely appreciate your support and help passing this information along!

John Stemberger

President and General Counsel

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