Stunningly, on Friday, President Obama and his administration put the safety and privacy of every child in America at risk.

His Department of Education issued new “guidance” mandating that schools which receive federal funding adopt “gender inclusive” policies that permit boys who say they are girls (and girls who say they are boys) to play on girls’ sports teams – and even use girls’ bathrooms, locker rooms, showers, and hotel rooms on overnight trips! 
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Already in Orange County, FL School Superintendent Bill Sublette has already cowered and indicated he will “obey” the President’s threat to comply.

President Obama said in a USA Today article that this new mandate was a matter of “dignity” for transgendered students.  But what about the dignity, decency and privacy of the other 99% of the young ladies?  President Obama has his own daughters attend nice, expensive private schools that don’t have to comply with this nonsense.  Yet he forces other school girls of families that can’t afford private schools to be subject to a gross invasion of privacy, embarrassment and a loss of dignity by forcing them to dress and shower with other boys who “feel” like they are girls.  Obviously Mr. Obama has forgotten what Jr. High is like.  This whole thing is utter madness.

When the safety and privacy of our children are put at risk by a president who values his sexual revolution agenda over their protection, we are called to speak and to act.

But what can we DO about it?

For starters, the governors in at least six states have told the Obama administration they will NOT comply with his unlawful and dangerous edict.

But Florida is not yet one of them.  We need your help to make that happen.  States MUST push back! 

And that means you and I must let Governor Scott, legislators, and school board members know that we oppose this unnecessary endangerment of our children.  Now is the time to make your voice heard

It will take just 3-5 minutes of your time –

First you can sign this petition respectfully urging Florida Governor Rick Scott to stand with other governors in defending and protecting our children.  Click HERE.  

Second you can give a gift today to stand with the organization in Florida that’s standing up for our children and grandchildren and is unafraid to stand up to legislators and governors of either party to give your values a voice. Your gift – of $25, $50, $100, or even $500 or more – will go to work right away toward efforts to make sure Florida children have privacy and safety when they use the restroom, locker room, or shower at school. Give to the Florida Family Policy Council today HERE!

Third you can help us spread this important time-sensitive message by forwarding this email to your family and friends who may also be concerned with this issue.

President Obama and his administration are working to turn our taxpayer-funded schools into a social laboratory experiment that puts children at risk. Will you stand with us today as we refuse to surrender our children’s privacy and safety to President Obama’s political agenda? Declare with us, “Enough is enough!”

For more information and additional Things You Can Do Today to stop Obama’s radical agenda for our schools click here.

May God give us the courage to be bold for our children and to call out leaders, who have the responsibility to govern us, when they act lawlessly!

Thanks so much for your time today.  I hope we can count on you.

John Stemberger
President and General Counsel


PS:  Please sign the petition to Governor Scott now by clicking HERE!

Give to the Florida Family Policy Council by clicking HERE.

And finally, please help us spread this important time-sensitive message by forwarding this message to your family and friends, or by sharing on Facebook or Twitter.

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