October 14, 2015

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Reality Check (2 of 4): Reasons Florida Gov. Rick Scott Refuses to Defund Planned Parenthood

Gov. Scott Claims PP’s Work Complies with all State and Federal Laws

TALLAHASSEE, FL – Today, the Florida Family Policy Council (FFPC), led by President and General Counsel John Stemberger, released the second in a series of debunked claims made by Gov. Rick Scott (R-FL) regarding his reasons for not cutting Florida taxpayers’ dollars to Planned Parenthood. The FFPC is launching a statewide campaign calling on Gov. Scott to fully strip Planned Parenthood of all state public funding sources within his influence.

Planned Parenthood receives state funding for good women’s health programs which do not violate any State or Federal laws.
“‘The state has contracts at three Planned Parenthood clinics which are used for newborn health screens and various health services. Those contracts require Planned Parenthood to comply with all state and federal laws.’ Scott spokeswoman Jackie Schutz” Margie Menzel- Oct 1, 2015 CBS / News Service of Florida

Our state tax dollars are not being sent to an organization which complies with all State and Federal laws. Planned Parenthood chapters across the country work together as a “federation” and have an extensive record of audits, investigations and fines for waste, fraud and illegal activity, and are currently being investigated, criminally and civilly, at every level for offenses including failure to report statutory rape, failure to comply with parental involvement laws, and failure to comply with health and safety clinic regulations.

Women and children should have access to the best care. Governor Scott can and should facilitate this goal by directing tax dollars away from Planned Parenthood to one or more of the 600+ federally qualified community health clinics which are not scandal ridden and provide a broader spectrum of health services to women, men, and families.
The Florida Family Policy Council (FFPC), a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation, is one of 38 other state based policy councils around the country which are associated with Focus on the Family. Many of these organizations are the leading pro-life, pro-family organizations in their respective states.

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