Thinking Clearly After Roe:

A five-part strategy moving forward


Yesterday, the Heritage Foundation’s online news organization, The Daily Signal, published an article I wrote and have been working on for several months. It is entitled “Thinking Clearly After Roe: A Five Part Strategy Moving Forward.” John Stonestreet said it was “the best, most comprehensive look forward” he has seen yet. The Family Policy Alliance played a key role in assisting me with producing this plan and is part of their website and campaign

This is the moment many of us have been working for our entire lives. But we must realize that this is not the end of the battle, but it is simply the beginning.

This article is an imperfect battle plan of love, service, and national strategy on how to move forward is a post-Roe world. This is plan on how to create a world where we love children and not kill them. A plan on how to create a society that looks back on the practice of abortion like we look back on slavery, with shame and disgust

You can read the article at the Daily Signal here:

You can download the full article in a printable PDF form here:

Would you help me by reading this article and getting this resource into the hands of pro-life supporters everywhere around the country?

Thank you for your support. Together, we will end abortion in America and create a culture of life and love for women and their children.


John Stemberger, President

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