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Key Facts: The Need to Protect Parental Rights
Candi Cushman, Focus on the Family
At Focus on the Family, we believe that children are a cherished gift from the Lord—and that parents are the ones primarily responsible for guiding and preparing them for a life of service to God and to humanity. Parents have a God-ordained right and responsibility to determine what is best for their children. 

True Tolerance
A project of Focus on the Family
Concerned about controversial sexual topics being brought up in your child’s school? You’ve come to the right place. helps you respond in a loving and fact-based way. Get tips on communicating with your school officials!

Parents Resources
American College of Pediatrics
The American College of Pediatricians has developed this parenting section to encourage and equip parents to assume the role that is rightly theirs.

Protecting children by empowering parents.

 Comprehensive Research and Articles

Help for Parents Who Feel Powerless
Candi Cushman, Focus on the Family
The bottom line is, taxpaying parents and students have a right and a responsibility to request that their viewpoints be represented in their own local schools—as well as the backing of numerous federal court rulings. So parents should never buy into the lie that they have to completely surrender ground to outside, gay activist groups. 

How Courts and Legislatures Are Disempowering Parents to Push Transgender Agenda
Scott Yenor, The Heritage Foundation
Courts, schools, and legislatures that enable children to have autonomy over their medical decisions undermine parental rights and ultimately undermine the power necessary to raise and love children.

Parents Just Lost Custody of Teenage Daughter Who Wants to “Transition” to a Boy: What You Need to Know
Ryan T. Anderson, PhD, The Heritage Foundation
Without commenting on the specifics of this case just outside Cincinnati, Americans can expect to see more cases like it as government officials side with transgender activists to promote a radical view of the human person and endorse entirely experimental medical procedures. At stake are not only parental rights, but the well-being of children who suffer from gender dysphoria. 

National “Sexuality Standards” vs. Parental Rights?
Candi Cushman, Focus on the Family
The Associated Press is running a story in nationwide news outlets promoting the advent of “national sexuality education standards.” At first glance, this might seem intimidating to parents who assume that “national standards” refers to something mandated by the government whether parents like it or not. But that’s a misleading title. What this actually amounts to is a wish list put together by some of the largest “safe sex,” abortion and homosexual advocacy groups in the nation—who are using this as a marketing campaign to get their agenda promoted in your local schools.

Who Should Decide How Children are Educated?
Jack Klenk, Family Research Council
Who has the primary responsibility for making critical decisions about the education of school aged children? Their parents? Or government and the school system it operates? That is a fundamental question about education policy that faces the United States as it attempts to build educational institutions for the twenty-first century.

Parental Rights and Children’s Health: Inseparable
American College of Pediatricians
Parents rightly bear the primary responsibility for their children’s health. Consequently, government should enact laws to assist parents in making the best decisions for their children, especially regarding matters of sexual health. Bypassing parental involvement eliminates one of the most powerful deterrents to sexual activity – communication of parental expectations. Firm statements from parents that sex should be reserved for marriage have been found to be very effective in delaying sexual debut thus protecting against STIs.

Sex Education: Parents Want to be Primary Educators
Chad Hills, Focus on the Family
Most parents (regardless of individual and household characteristics) want parents of young people to be the primary communicators of sex-related information. This is what more research confirmed among almost all parents interviewed in a Minnesota study. Such findings remain consistent throughout the past two decades—parents want to be the primary educators of their children on the topic of sex.

Abortion Parental Consent Backed In Florida Senate (2019)
CBS Miami
“John Stemberger, of the Florida Family Policy Council, said parents need to be involved in minors’ abortion decisions. Abortion is an irreversible, significant medical procedure that is fraught w medical, psychological & emotional consequences.”

What Every Parent Should Know About the HPV Vaccine
Moira Gaul, MPH, Family Research Council
Using a Question-Answer format, this pamphlet explores the issues surrounding the controversial vaccine for the HPV virus.

The HPV Vaccine and School Mandates: Questions and Answers
Moira Gaul, MPH, Family Research Council
Using a Question-Answer format, this pamphlet explores the issues surrounding the HPV vaccine and school mandates.

Teen Sex: The Parent Factor
Christine Kim, The Heritage Foundation
Policies that discourage parental involvement, such as dispensing contraceptives to teens without parental consent, contradict the weight of social science evidence and should be opposed.

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