Understanding & Responding to the Transgender Movement

Rather than helping those suffering from gender dysphoria to find real help, elementary aged children in hundreds of school districts today are being manipulated by our confused culture into “changing” genders through experimental procedures and permanent, life altering amputations to choose their gender identity. Parents rights are being stripped, and in some cases, their children taken away by the state.

To help you understand this movement and the biblical way to address these confusing times with your teen and in everyday situations, we’ve provided these resources below:

Parent’s Resource Guide: Responding to the Transgender Issue

• Understand the consequences of the transgender trend
• Consider the implications of transgender activism and “gender inclusion” policies in schools
• Explain what your parental rights are and give you the tools to protect your child’s constitutional privacy and First Amendment rights
• Encourage parents and school officials to work together to create a respectful school environment
• Help you communicate with your school officials and advocate for common-sense policies that will respect the dignity of all students
• Give tips on creating community and support among like-minded parents


Back to School — Resource Guide For Parents 

  • Discover what’s happening in schools and why you should be concerned
  • Each section covers different topics, such as how to protect your child from inappropriate or biased material in the classroom, what to do when you find offensive or explicit books in your school library, and how to guard your child’s safety in school restrooms and locker rooms
  • Learn about your rights and your children’s rights
  • Suggestions about how to respectfully advocate on behalf of your child
  • Guidance on how to talk with your children about sensitive and difficult subjects
  • Links to additional helpful articles and resources

Navigating the Transgender Landscape – School Resource Guide

  • Explains factors influencing children to identify as transgender
  • Presents medical information on the effects of “gender transition” medical interventions
  • Provides answers to the most frequently raised concerns, such as the suicide risk, transgender regret, and parental concerns
  • Gives an overview of how the transgender trend is affecting activism in schools, sex-based privacy facilities, and equity in sports
  • Discusses Title IX and how state sunshine laws affect policy making
  • Offers policy recommendations to respond appropriately to trans-identifying students, while respecting the rights of all students and of parents

Videos on Gender Identity, Bathrooms, & The Transgender Movement

Talking Points & Resources

Transgender Resources
Focus on the Family

Resources for Transgenderism and Gender Identity Confusion
Jeff Johnston, Focus on the Family
Ministries specifically designed to help those struggling with gender confusion.

Talking to Your Children About Transgender Issues
Jeff Johnston, Focus on the Family
Focus on the Family wants to help parents navigate this topic, so here are some helpful guidelines and suggestions for addressing transgender issues with your children.

Answering Parents’ Questions on Gender Confusion in Children
Glenn Stanton, Focus on the Family
Here are answers to some of the biggest questions parents have about gender issues with their children.

Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters (Book)
Abigail Shrier
A generation of girls is at risk. Abigail Shrier’s essential book will help you understand what the trans craze is and how you can inoculate your child against it—or how to retrieve her from this dangerous path.

Love Thy Body (Book)
Nancy Pearcey
Are transgender people discovering their authentic selves? Is today’s culture really liberating? Does abortion lead to equality for women? In this respectful but riveting expose, Pearcey addresses difficult questions about issues of life and sexuality. Her gripping true stories will empower you to intelligently and compassionately engage today’s most controversial moral and social challenges.

Understanding and Responding to the Transgender Movement
Dale O’Leary and Peter Sprigg, Family Research Council

FAQs: Protecting Privacy in Locker Rooms & Restrooms
Alliance Defending Freedom

Myths & Facts: Title IX: Transgender Students and School Restrooms
Alliance Defending Freedom

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Resources
Florida Family Policy Council

responding to transgender movement
Love Thy Body, Nancy Pearcey

Research and Articles

When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment (Book)
Ryan T. Anderson, PhD

Understanding Our Transgender Moment (2018, The Daily Signal)
Ryan T. Anderson, PhD

The Sex-Change Revolution Is Based on Ideology, Not Science (2018, The Daily Signal)
Ryan T. Anderson, PhD

Transgender Ideology Is Riddled With Contradictions. Here Are the Big Ones.
Ryan T. Anderson, PhD (The Heritage Foundation)

Gender Ideology Harms Children
American College of Pediatricians

I’m a Pediatrician. How Transgender Ideology Has Infiltrated My Field and Produced Large-Scale Child Abuse. (2017, The Daily Signal)

The Tremendous Power of Transgender Ideologues (2019, The Daily Signal)
Cathy Ruse (Family Research Council)

The Left Is Shunning Liberals With Concerns About Transgender Agenda
Ryan T. Anderson, PhD (The Heritage Foundation)

Kids Aren’t Born Transgender, So Don’t Let Advocates Bamboozle You (2019, The Daily Signal)
Walt Heyer

My Daughter Identified as Transgender. I Was Powerless to Stop Doctors From Harming Her. (2019, The Daily Signal)

In Their Own Words: Moms of 5 Kids Who Think They’re Transgender Speak Out (2019, The Daily Signal)

Parents Battle Court to Stop Transgender Teen’s Hormone Treatment (2018, The Daily Signal)

I Was America’s First ‘Nonbinary’ Person. It Was All a Sham. (2019, The Daily Signal)

Student Privacy
Alliance Defending Freedom

Examples of Sexual Predators in Women’s Facilities in U.S. Jurisdictions with SOGI Laws

Florida Teacher Faces Punishment Over Objections to Girls Taking Showers With Boys (2018, Todd Starnes)

School Can Force Students to Share Bathrooms With Transgender Students, Federal Court Rules (2018, The Daily Signal)

A Rape Survivor Speaks Out About Transgender Bathrooms (2015, The Federalist)
Kaeley Triller

School District Changes Its Restroom Policy – Then Ignores the Sexual Assault of a Five-Year-Old Girl (2018)
Alliance Defending Freedom

Alexis Lightcap Story
Alliance Defending Freedom

Students Walk out of School After Transgender Classmate Is Allowed to Use Girls’ Locker Room: ‘I Am a Girl. I Am Not Going to Be Pushed Away to Another Bathroom’ (2015)

Feds Tell Illinois School District to Allow Transgendered Boy into Girls Showers and Locker Rooms (2015, Washington Post)

Toronto Predator who claimed to be Transgendered Declared a Dangerous Offender (2014)

Transgendered man exposes himself in woman’s locker room (2012)

Trump Rescinds Obama’s Demand That Schools Open Locker Rooms to Students of the Opposite Sex
Alliance Defending Freedom

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