Dear Friend,

As a result of the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling that overturned Roe vs Wade, (the Dobbs case), we rejoice that unborn babies will now have far-reaching protections.

Thankfully, states have now been given the power to protect the precious unborn. The “right” to an abortion is no longer federally protected.

As a result, the Left is on the attack, ready to fight and take the battle to the state level.

Our opponents will lie, scream, vandalize, obstruct, blaspheme God, demonize Christians, and openly violate the law. They are on the attack. Planned Parenthood and its allies have a goal of reversing pro-life laws by working to elect candidates that are pro-abortion. In addition, they are targeting blue and purple states to lock down abortion protections.

Are we ready to protect and defend the most vulnerable members of our community even in the face of vicious opposition?

The answer is a resounding YES. We also must be on the OFFENSE.

Your gift today is CRUCIAL and will be put to work immediately to:

  • Produce voter guides to help Pro-life candidates win in November.
  • Implement “Thinking Clearly After Roe,” our five-part strategy on how we should respond to this historic moment.
  • Engage in pro-life legislation here in Florida. The top policy priority will be to pass the strongest bill in Florida possible to protect unborn children at the earliest stage possible.

This is a historic moment. Would you please consider giving a historic gift to support our work in this critical time in our state and nation? Thank you so much for your faithful support.

Standing for LIFE,

John Stemberger

PS: Would you help us with a gift today to help us continue our fight for Life, Family, Marriage, and Liberty?  You can make a donation today to support us here. Thank you!

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