Aaron DiPietro Florida Session Recap – Week #1

Dear Friends,

Tuesday, January 9th, 2024, brought intense weather against the start of session, leading to the city of Tallahassee being mostly shut down. The heart of downtown Tallahassee escaped any tornadoes, but one did touch down 15 miles south, announcing its presence in the chamber as the tornado alerts rang over all the smartphones in the Chambers during Speaker Paul Renner’s opening address. In spite of the harsh conditions, the 2024 Legislative Session kicked off without delay as Governor Ron DeSantis opened proceedings with a rousing State of the State Address. In it, he highlighted the many legislative victories of 2023, the exceptional advances that Florida has made as a state, and his proposals and goals for 2024. Additionally, he introduced individuals in the Chamber galleries that were affected greatly by these tremendous achievements.

We at FFPC are thrilled about the 2024 session and believe we truly are approaching one of the most exciting and fruitful sessions in recent history, even in light of the incredible victories of the last few sessions. Leading in our list of priority bills is the age verification for porn websites, mandatory filters on smartphones to protect minors from graphic pornographic or sexually explicit material online, followed by legislation further penalizing the sexual grooming of children. We have a whole slate of prolife legislation focused on continuing the building of a culture of life in Florida. We’re tackling legislation defending medical freedom, targeting the rising threat of human trafficking, and pushing back against the gender identity crisis in the workplace, education, and healthcare and so much more.

Below you can acquaint yourself with the bills that we are advocating for or against. A PDF listing each bill with a complete description and status can be downloaded here. The Florida Family Policy Council is tracking over 25 bills this session, which are categorized below by issue. Links to bill language, committee votes, and staff reviews are also provided by each bill. Each week of the session, all of our priority bills will be posted on our website, which will be updated as new developments arise.

Also, we are extremely excited to announce the upcoming ProFamily Days event on January 22nd -23rd with fellowship with likeminded citizens, worldview training, and updates from key allies in the legislature. We will be training you on how to effectively lobby for a number of our priority bills and have an opportunity to visit both the House Chambers and the Florida State Supreme Court. And finally, we are thrilled that Florida Lieutenant Governor Jeanette Nunez will be our Keynote Speaker for the event. You can register here for this amazing and impactful event that you will not want to miss!

I have the privilege of serving on the ground for FFPC full time during the session, engaging with legislators, testifying in committee, and working to advance our priority bills through the process, and will be providing regular updates on our social media platforms as well as the weekly Insider Reports throughout the session.  For real-time updates follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. (See the icons at the very bottom of this email.) You can also  sign up for email and text alerts here.

Thank you again for your prayers and support,

Aaron DiPietro
Legislative Affairs Director, Florida Family Policy Council


Protecting Life


The Unborn Child Parent’s Survivor Act (Rep. Persons-Mulicka / Sen. Grall) HB 651 / SB 476

Adoptive Parent Registry Act (Rep. Abbott / Sen. Harrell) HB 327 / SB 306

Surrendered Infants Protection Act (Rep. Canady / Sen. Yarborough) HB 775 / SB 790

Pregnancy and Parenting Online Resources Act (Rep. Jacques / Sen. Grall)  HB 415 / SB 436

Financial Support for Pregnant Survivors of Rape or Assault Act (Rep. J. Lopez / Sen. Stewart)  HB 717 / SB 1268


End of Life Act (Rep. Campbell / Sen. Torres)  HB 561 / SB 1642

Pregnancy Care Center Targeting Act (Rep. Skidmore / Sen. Book)  HB 343 / SB 256

Pregnancy Care Center Targeting Act (Rep. Driskell / Sen. Berman)  HB 1457 / SB 1450

Gender & Sexuality


Workplace Biological Sex Freedom Act (Rep. Chamberlin / Sen. Martin) HB 599 / SB 1382

Single Sex Student Club Protection Act (Rep. Pittman / Sen. Brodeur) HB 1027 / SB 1728

Anti-Human Trafficking Minimum Age for Adult Entertainment Act (Rep. Amesty / Sen. Yarborough)  HB 1379 / SB 1690

Defending Biological Sex in Healthcare Act (Rep. Bankson) HB 1639

Prostitution and Human Trafficking Enforcement Act (Rep. Silvers / Sen. Grall)  HB 1385 / SB 1590

Retention of Sexual Offense Evidence Act (Rep. Plakon / Sen. Stewart) HB 607 / SB 764


Gay and Transgender Panic Legal Defenses Act (Rep. Harris / Sen. Book)  HB 137 / SB 156

Marriages Between Persons of the Same Sex Act (Rep. Basabe / Sen. Polsky)  HB 169 / SB 160

Protecting Parental Rights and Children’s Safety


Porn Age Verification Act (Rep. Tramont / Sen. Grall)  HB 3 / SB 1792

Smartphone Protection for Minors Act (Rep. Salzman / Sen. Ingoglia)  HB 1129 / SB 1196

Social Media Protection for Minors Act (Rep. Rayner / Sen. Book)  HB 207 / SB 1430

School Chaplain Act (Rep. McClain / Sen. Grall)  HB 931 / SB 1044

Offenses Involving Children Act (Rep. Baker / Sen. Collins)  HB 305 / SB 312

Lewd or Lascivious Grooming Act (Rep. Yarkosky / Sen. Martin)  HB 1135 / SB 1238

Child Maintenance Restitution Act (Rep. Amesty / Sen. Burgess)  HB 79 / SB 116

Child Protection Investigation Reform Act (Rep. Fabricio / Sen. Grall) HB 1663 / SB 1722

Aaron DiPetro testifying in support of HB 3 which would require age verification for porn sites.

Medical Freedom


Public Health Emergency Actions Act (Rep. Rudman / Sen. Yarborough)  HB 459 / SB 402

Protection of Medical Freedom Act (Rep. Plakon / Sen. Gruters)  HB 1535 / SB 680

Director, Kevin Baird, D.Min.
Deputy Director, Tracie Baird

The 2024 Florida Legislative session has begun, and the pastoral network of the Florida Family Policy Council is on site engaging our elected civic leaders through its premier ministry program called The Florida Capitol Project. Over the last 5 years, FCP has invited and hosted nearly 300 pastors to Tallahassee in order to provide important ministry connections which include prayer, biblical partnerships, and public policy discussions. The vision is to connect the over 13,000 evangelical pastors in Florida with government leaders so a minister-to-minister relationship might develop for the blessing of all Florida residents (Romans 13:1-4). There have been hundreds of these ministry moments through the years which have encouraged, educated, and enlarged both pastor and politician.

Our Monday night dinner briefing is being hosted this session by the great congregation of Capitol City Christian Church, Tallahassee. In much the same way the statehouse has an Organization Day, the staff and volunteers gathered to prepare for our 2024 pastoral prayer tours. Our dinner briefings include fine food, great fellowship, a legislative update briefing, practical ministry suggestions to civic officials, and an inspiring message on the Church’s place in the civic space.

This year’s opening week of legislative session started early in January and with great excitement. Opening day ceremonies, renewing important acquaintances from across the state, and a full-fledged tornado warning during the Speaker’s address made for an electric Organization Day.

Gratefully, everyone was safe, history was again made and the work of the great state of Florida has begun.

Pastors have registered to be a part of the activities of the Capitol in 2024 and there is still room to facilitate more of the state’s shepherds. If you are a pastor, you have a personal invitation to join us on one of the tours listed on our website at:


Everything you need to know and register is found on the website. If you have questions about anything, do not hesitate to contact Dr. Kevin Baird at the cell number or email address provided. If you are a church member who believes your pastor might be interested in an incredible ministry opportunity, please forward the website and information and I would love to answer any questions they might have.

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