2019 Christmas Message from FFPC President John Stemberger

“Discouragement and Overcoming the World…”

overcoming the world

There is a fascinating line in one of the best Christmas movies ever made.  In the movie classic “It’s a Wonderful Life.”  Franklin, the angel in charge of angels in heaven, and Clarence the angel “earning his wings,” are talking about George Bailey’s sad state.  In the exchange, a small star flies in from the left of screen and stops. It twinkles as Clarence speaks:

You sent for me, sir?

Yes, Clarence. A man down on earth needs our help.

Splendid! Is he sick?

No, worse. He’s discouraged…

# # #

That is an interesting line that presents a powerful truth.

Even though sickness can be hard and painful, a discouraged person is much worse off than a sick person.  Most sick people in today’s world can be cured through the advances of modern medicine.  But discouragement in a person is in a much “worse” situation that can only be cured with a new perspective.

Discouragement can cause doubt.  It can cause depression.  In its worse form, it can totally paralyze you from even physically functioning to do the things God has called you to do.

Many people are discouraged about the world we live in.  It seems like every day the world is becoming more worldly and glorifying evil.  Most sadly even the church seems like it is becoming more worldly as well and it does not even know it’s sliding into worldliness.

So how do we overcome discouragement?  By remembering that Jesus came to overcome the world. When God became man incarnate and invaded the time and space of earth, this changed everything in the course of history and should change everything about our lives personally.

There are so many times in scripture this and similar phrases are used.  It’s almost as if with every divinely inspired author of the various books of scripture, God is reminding us of something.  All the evil, the sin and the discouragement that can come from living in a fallen world can and will be overcome in this life and in the next through God’s power, grace and love.

For our 15th Anniversary of the Florida Family Policy Council in 2020 we have chosen the theme of “Overcoming the World” and want to remind you both this Christmas and throughout the year, that when we are tempted to be discouraged or disheartened that Jesus Christ has overcome the world and we can be encouraged by knowing this great truth.

From our family to yours, have a very Merry Christmas.

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