Dear Friends,

Today we are launching This is a resource for pastors and churches to aid them in their response and leadership during the COVID19 pandemic.

While the website does focus on the CARES Act church (and or nonprofit organization) relief funding being provided by the federal government, it is also contains many other leading national resources around the country regarding live streaming services, sermon ideas and perspectives on how to lead Christians in this unprecedented environment. If you know of another resource not listed on the site you feel is really compelling, let us know and we will consider posting it. There are hundreds of articles that have been written but we are only looking for the best and most unique resources.

Finally, under the opinions tab, we would like to encourage discussion and respectful dialogue in the comments section on the issue of whether or not churches should take these federal loans / grant funding.

Please check out and forward this email and or website to pastors and churches that may find it useful. Since the issues are all federal in nature, the website is useful for pastors and churches nationwide.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support to help reach our goal and strategic priority to provide resources to pastors that are unique and effective during this critical time.


John Stemberger
President & General Counsel

Kevin Baird
Director of Pastoral Outreach & Florida Capitol Project

Florida Family Policy Council
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