2023 has been a year unlike any other!

Our goal is always to create a state where God is honored, life is cherished, families thrive, and religious liberty flourishes. Because of your dedication and support of FFPC, and through your efforts, Florida is many steps closer towards this goal.

Of course, there are many ways to measure success – not just elections and legislative wins. But these wins are nonetheless critical, as well. In fact, our wins were so massive and so important that our opposition has no choice but to try and reverse them.

This is both an opportunity and a HUGE threat.

It would be easy to sit back and enjoy the wins for too long. The fact of the matter is that our opponents – the same ones who just enshrined abortion-on-demand with no real restrictions in Ohio’s constitution – want to do the exact same thing in Florida. In 2024. And frighteningly, some initial polling is showing that support for this dangerous amendment in Florida is close to the 60% threshold for passage!

There is no time to waste.

We are going to continue celebrating our pro-life, pro-family wins, YES, but we’re also in preparation mode for the coming battle. We do NOT want our wins to be undermined by a confusion campaign from the radical left.

We must start our educational outreach campaign as soon as possible, so when the time comes, Floridians won’t be tricked into putting abortion into our state’s constitution. The stakes could not be higher – if this amendment passes into law, abortion-on-demand for any reason until the moment of birth will be the law of the state of Florida. Over three decades of prolife victories will be wiped out in a single stroke and any hope of protecting the unborn from the moment of conception will be gone for decades!

We need your help, friend. We need to raise at least $250,000 to build the infrastructure needed to win this battle. Practically, we must go on offense AND defense in 2024. We’re going to defend our wins, absolutely, but we aren’t going to stop pursuing the policies that Florida families and children need to thrive.

Here are just a few of the policy objectives we’ll be aiming to advance, with your help, in 2024:

Age verification for minors on adult pornographic websites. There’s no reason children should be able to easily access pornography.

Age verification and parental consent requirements for social media access for minors. The science is clear: excessive social media is harmful to kids.

Strengthening religious freedom protections for individuals and businesses from being targeted by the radical left. You shouldn’t be punished for living your beliefs.

Protecting employees from being forced to use incorrect pronouns at work.

Expanding access to pregnancy resources for new mothers with unexpected pregnancies.

Restricting the state’s pandemic emergency power, in order to properly safeguard medical and religious freedom.

Here’s the thing: the items above shouldn’t even be controversial. But all of them are opposed by the left because they undermine their ultimate goals and objectives. We don’t have the luxury of taking the year off. If we do, we risk losing the ground we’ve gained.

Please click HERE to download our 2023 Year-In-Review.

We hope you enjoy reading about the on-going work of the Policy Council. We pray that God is glorified in all that we do. We’re thankful for His grace and for your help as we fight for life, marriage, family, and liberty in the great state of Florida.

Friend, we value your support. Here at the year-end, every dollar counts. PLUS, every dollar invested in FFPC before the end of the year is deductible on your 2023 taxes. Please, prayerfully consider making a generous, culture-shaping contribution towards our work. Our opponents are going to put their money where their mouth is. We must step up.

 Thank you for your continued support of FFPC.


John Stemberger
President, Florida Family Policy Council

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