Election Resources For Churches And Pastors

Voter Guides

Detailed voter and endorsement guides (C4) on judges, state and local races are available here.

Church Friendly (C3) Presidential Election Voter Guide Available Here:





This November, the future of our nation and our freedoms are at stake. We need leaders like you to encourage your congregation to vote and become good stewards of their earthly citizenship and make a difference by voting in this critical election. As Christians we are not committed to political parties, personalities or candidates. Our duty is even higher than what some would label as liberal or conservative. Our highest calling to honor God with every part of our life– including voting. We are recommending every church in Florida do these 3 things:

1. Show the below 60 second “Honoring God” video (or display a visual graphic meme)
2. Encourage church members to go to www.FLfamily.org for information on voting resources.
3. Make an announcement regarding the upcoming election with the website showing to get more info.

You could also go the extra mile by…

• Copying and distributing the “Honoring God” bulletin insert below
• Preach a sermon on voting, Christian citizenship, good government or some related topic

Voter Videos

Voter Graphics

Created in 16:9 aspect ratio ideal for church video or projector screens.
Click on the images below to download them in a high resolution format.

honor god church powerpoint screen
honor god church powerpoint screen
honor god church powerpoint screen
church bulletin insert

Sermon Notes & Outlines


Taking a Stand for Life (Proverbs 24) Lifeway
Abortion Desiring God
20 Sanctity of Human Life Sermons Keep Believing Ministries
20 Sanctity of Human Life Sermons Sermon Search
The Biblical View on Abortion (Pt 1) Grace to You
The Biblical View on Abortion (Pt 2) Grace to You
Abortion Family Research Council

Voting & Elections

Sermon outlines about voting Sermon Central
When the Election is Over Executable Outlines
Biblical Principles for Voting Grace Bible Church
How Should Christians Vote? God & Government Tony Evans
Civil Society Family Research Council

Religious Liberty

Religious Liberty Lifeway
Sermons About Religious Liberty Sermon Central
Religious Liberty Family Research Council

Biblical Marriage

Christian Marriage Sermon Outlines Christian Citizens
Sermons on Marriage Sermon Search
Sermons about Marriage Sermon Central
Building a Biblical Marriage Sermon Central
Marriage Family Research Council

One-Stop Resource Center for Pastors

Sermon Tools for Pastors Watchmen on the Wall

Voter Guide Resources for Federal, State, Judicial Races and Amendments

Click here voter guide resources.

Important 2020 Election Dates and Information

Know Where to Vote
Register to Vote
Know How to Vote

General Election Date: Tue, November 3, 2020.
Voter Registration Deadline (General Election): Thurs, October 5, 2020.
Absentee (Vote-By-Mail) General Election Ballots mailed September 24 – October 1, 2020; must be returned and received by Election Day (November 3).
Early Voting Dates (vary by county) between: October 24 – 31, 2020.
Check your local supervisor of elections website for specific dates and locations for your area.

Church Election Resources: Voter Registration and Elections Toolkit

Pastors Election Resource Toolkit (FFPC)
Church Action and the IRS (John Stemberger, FFPC)
5 Steps to Hosting a Voter Registration Drive (FRC)
Guidelines for Distribution of Voter Guides by Churches (ADF)
Register to Vote in Florida

Other Helpful Legal Resources

Protect Your Church: Legal and Worldview Resources (FFPC)
Debunking The Top 5 Myths About Church 501(c)(3) Status (ADF)
Defending the Right to Share the Gospel Resources (ADF)
Watchmen on the Wall (FRC)
Cultural Impact Team Training & Resources (FRC)

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