March 9, 2016

Florida Legislature Passes Bill Cutting State Funding to Planned Parenthood and other Abortion Providers

Bill to be sent to Governor Rick Scott for signature or veto

TALLAHASSEE, FL – Today the Florida Legislature passed HB 1411: Termination of Pregnancies by Sen. Kelli Stargel (R-Lakeland) in the Senate and Rep. Colleen Burton (R-Lakeland) in the House of Representatives. The bill cuts state taxpayer funding to abortion clinics, including Planned Parenthood, all across Florida.

Under the terms of the bill, funds that would have gone to Planned Parenthood, will now be available to hundreds of deserving low-cost community health clinics and women’s health centers in Florida that provide a comprehensive range of women’s health services.

Since October 2015, the Florida Family Policy Council (FFPC) has led a sustained statewide campaign urging Governor Rick Scott to defund Planned Parenthood. This legislation comes on the heels of that six month campaign. The bill does precisely what FFPC was urging Governor Scott to do, namely:

-Prohibit Florida from entering into Medicaid contracts with Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers that provide elective abortions

-Cut Title X family planning service contracts with Planned Parenthood in Broward and Collier Counties

In addition to defunding Planned Parenthood, the bill also increases and improves inspections at abortion clinics, brings the abortion clinic regulations into conformity with other ambulatory surgical centers and enhances the protections governing fetal remains.

“Republicans in the Florida Legislature are to be commended for showing leadership and for doing the right thing by passing this historic piece of legislation which restricts state funds to this corrupt and fraudulent organization, that is also the largest abortion provider in America.” said John Stemberger, President and General Counsel of the Florida Family Policy Council.” On behalf of thousands of Floridians who object to their taxes going to fund Planned Parenthood and other abortion clinics in the state, we now continue to urge Governor Rick Scott to sign this good bill into law thereby defunding Planned Parenthood along with every other abortion provider in the state. We know that tens of thousands of voters who elected him have already contacted him and urged him to take this action.”

If signed into law by Governor Scott, Florida would join a growing number of states that have also cut state funding to Planned Parenthood including, Texas, Utah, Kansas, New Hampshire, Alabama, Arkansas and Louisiana.

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CONTACT: Nandi Randolph
Florida Family Policy Council
[email protected]

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