Florida, Along With America, Has Spoken!
“We reject the extreme policy agenda of the President
and the direction he is leading our country.”

(ORLANDO, FL)  Floridians, along with other Americans have spoken through the results of the 2014 mid-term election.  By voting overwhelmingly for conservative candidates who value life, traditional marriage and religious liberty more than their liberal counterparts, they basically sent the message that, “We reject the extreme policy agenda of Barack Obama and the direction he is leading this country.”

John Stemberger, President of Florida Family Action, made the following statement in response to last night’s landslide election for conservative candidates who support life, marriage and family issues:

“This election was not about candidates or parties as much as it was about issues and the VALUES behind those political parties and candidates. Candidates come and go but our excitement is really because America chose mostly candidates that share our timeless values of life, marriage, family and religious liberty.

During the last five months, Florida Family Action focused on getting values voters to the polls.  FFA operated 5 full time field offices and mobilized 100’s of volunteers. Florida offices made 414,000 live personal calls to voters, delivered 206,000 strategic and targeted automated calls, distributed over 1,000,000 paper copies of full color voter guides, and an estimated 500,000 online voter guides.  Our sister organization obtained over 8 million impressions on Facebook with a special effort to educate people on the legalization of marijauna and true impact of Amendment 2.  Finally, I personally traveled across the state and spoke to churches and groups in 32 cities around Florida with 6 of those meetings being pastor’s conferences.

A poll, conducted by Public Opinion Strategies, recorded that self-identified conservative Christians made up 32% of all those voting with 86% Republican and 12% Democrat.  This represents about 52.4% of all the votes received by Republican candidates.  White evangelicals made up 23 percent of the electorate and voted 82 percent Republican and 18 percent Democratic, according to the poll.

Americans, fed up with Obamacare, IRS Investigations, Benghazi, the ‘gay-ification’ of all things in America, pastors’ sermons being subpoenaed, false assurances on the Ebola crisis, Christian businesses being attacked and the steady stream of disregard for religious liberty, went to the ballot box and said we have had enough ‘Hope and Change.’

Our message to Republicans in leadership is now simple.  Respond with policies that reflect this conservative mandate.  Do not slide back into the unprincipled policies of the same administration that America rejected.  Be men and women of courage and return to the social and fiscal policies that this mandate calls for and which made this country great.”

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Some of the results from the election in Florida include:

  • Florida’s Governor Rick Scott won a second four year term in office over (Republican, turned Independent, turned Democrat), Charlie Crist.
  • Amendment 2, a stealth attempt to place the full blown legalization of Marijuana on the ballot was defeated as voters learned more and more about the scam and lies that its sponsor told Florida.The amendment started with 88% support and then dropped as low as 48% in polls as voters learned of the true motives and legal effect of the amendment.
  • Florida’s Attorney General Pam Bondi also won a second term as the only seriously contested statewide cabinet office other than the Governor.
  • Adam Putnam, Florida’s Agriculture Commissioner along with CFO Jeff Atwater both easily won their seats.
  • Florida voters flipped six state house seats now giving Republicans a super majority to procedurally prevent the Democrats from stopping, halting or seriously interfering with passing conservative legislation.
  • State Rep Joe Saunders (D), who was the first openly gay identified activist legislator in Florida’s history, was defeated in a liberal downtown Orlando Democrat district after serving only one term.  Saunders who aggressively promoted an extreme agenda of special rights for gays, was removed by his district as a legislator.

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