Florida Family Policy Council Responds to Equality Florida’s Announcement of a Lawsuit That Attempts to Overturn Florida’s Marriage Protection Amendment

Orlando, FL – On Tuesday, January 21, 2014, John Stemberger, President and General Counsel of the Florida Family Policy Council, issued the following statement in response to Equality Florida’s announcement that they are filing a federal lawsuit to attempt to overturn Florida’s Marriage Protection Amendment found in Article I, Section 27 of the Florida Constitution:

 “Sixty-two percent of Floridians have decisively spoken on this issue. Gay activists cannot win in the marketplace of ideas, so they have resorted to trying to find renegade courts who have little respect for the rule of law to create social change that would never happen through the people or their elected representatives.
Today’s lawsuit is nothing more than a publicity stunt.  Filed in Miami, it represents “forum shopping” in the most liberal legal venue in the state. However, we are confident that Florida’s Attorney General Pam Bondi will provide a vigorous defense of Florida’s long held law and in doing so will expose the radical views and overreaching legal positions set forth in today’s lawsuit. 
The Florida Family Policy Council will vigorously defend the victory of 2008 and the constitutional mandate from Floridians that marriage is between one man and one woman. Hundreds of thousands of ordinary citizens volunteered to see marriage protected in Florida, and we will not sit idly by and watch leftist groups try to undermine this common-sense legal precedent. We will spend as much time and money as necessary to oppose those who seek to redefine marriage in Florida. 
The six same-sex plaintiff couples in this lawsuit appear to be very sincere and are certainly free to self-define themselves and have private civil commitment ceremonies.  But they, and the activists who motivated them, are not free to redefine a fundamental human institution which has served civilization since the beginning of time.
In states where marriage has been redefined it has produced absurd results– in the law, in education, in religious liberties and in what is best for children, families, and the common good of society.  When it comes to defining marriage, history will always be on the side of nature, biology, logic, and the collective wisdom of human history.  We look forward to a robust debate on this issue as it makes it way through the courts.”

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20 thoughts on “Florida Family Policy Council Responds to Equality Florida’s Announcement of a Lawsuit That Attempts to Overturn Florida’s Marriage Protection Amendment

  1. Marriage licenses are issued by the state, not the church. No religion is necessary for a marriage to be legal, valid or recognized.

  2. Has it occured to anyone else that from a cultural and anthropological standpoint now that they have found the ‘gay gene’ that it could be an evolutionary mutation to keep the population under control? Or maybe God made it that way because until we find another suitable planet to move to, we already have WAY too many starving kids that need families and need to slow down the breeding and take care of what we already have first by giving them to couples who care enough not to dump them on the foster care system. You know, instead of adding to the debt and the state funded paycheck recipients.

    But of course theres also no such thing as a lesbian Christian scientific anthropology major either is there? I abhor the idiotic bigots…

  3. “In states where marriage has been refined it has produced absurd results.” Oh really? Please tell us what these results are. In Maine, all is well, the people have moved on, Churches continue to accept/refuse any ministrations to gay couples. Schools function as before and the wailing and knashing of teeth is,well, confined to the likes of you. When will you people understand that the sky will not fall. Marriages will not wither and die. Children will be fine and even better off in gay families. Here’s a challenge. Come to Maine. Prove to us that we are so riddled with gay sin that our very civic institutions are defiled and just short of decimation. And when you are run out on the rails, go to the other 16(19) states like Maine and see just how long you last. You are an idiot.

  4. The people of Florida vote in 2008 about this and the majority said marriage is between one man and one woman, if the LGBT community is not capable to respect the will of the people then why they ask others to respects their rights if they don’t respect the rights of the others.

  5. There are numerous behaviors in the world today that God calls Sin. There is Adultery, Fornication(sex outside of marriage whether Heterosexual or homosexual), Idolatry, Murder, Lying, Stealing. Included in these Sins is also homosexuality. I know we do not live in a perfect world, that’s because man is a sinner. I am a sinner as well. Only by Jesus have I been Saved. There is no where in the Bible that God approves of homosexuality or any other sin. I pray for those caught in this trap, because satan is out there to deceive into thinking it’s okay. God doesn’t want you in this lifestyle. He shed his blood for you. There is a way out. Contrary to popular belief, It is not hate speech to tell someone the truth. You tell them because you care about where they will spend Eternity. Please think about it.

  6. I firmly believe marriage is between one man and one woman. We need to stand against any changes to this belief that is God ordained.

  7. How can someone deny someone of a right when we are the USA and the constitution states “We the People” “ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL” !!!! ALL MEN not the ones we choose to be free. This [DELETED] needs to drop off the face of the earth and rot in hell with the rest of US!!!

  8. Marriage Equality is not “Leftist.” It is just plain RIGHT. The world, the State of Florida and its people are changing around you FFPC. You will not prevail.

  9. We have the right as American citizens to have the exact equal rights as every other American…And the right to legally marry is one of them…All you are doing is denying us our constitutional rights,….Life,Liberty and the pursuit of happiness…

  10. DO NOT MIX CHURCH AND STATE. Its not for you to judge whats right or wrong its up to the people of florida ti decide wether marriage equality will happen!!! Florida has a gynormous gsy population and they WILL NOT BE SILENCED BY YOU OR ANYONE ELSE!

  11. The wisdom of human history. This idiot obviously ignores the history where as humans made mistakes. Example. Slavery!!!!!

    Time for change. Time for freedom to all caring and loving citizens….

  12. Pam Bondi left a man on death row suffer another day from capital punishment so she could have a fundraiser on Davis Island with the mayor!

  13. Like it or not, same sex marriage will be given the same rights. The generations that fight to keep people different than themselves in a lesser position are on the way out. You can huff and puff all you want but looking at all the counties all over the world and the states that now support same sex marriage, it’s the inevitable outcome that all couples be given the same treatment – thank god!

  14. Yes but eventually whether now or later you will lose because tides are turning, you know a state a month at least is is approving marriage equality , you cannot stop it and you know that. The hideous racial overtones you subscribe to is known and so is your agenda of racism and hate. If I pay my fair share of taxes and gays account to over $4 million in federal taxes paid we will be heard and it will pass. The conservative right you think exist in numbers is twidaling and is evident from your two loss elections. We will prevail and we can wait, it’s unconstitutional period and you know that too. So keep wasting your money and we’ll keep spending ours to support marriage equality.

  15. All, too, will bear in mind this sacred principle, that though the will of the majority is in all cases to prevail, that will to be rightful must be reasonable; that the minority possess their equal rights, which equal law must protect, and to violate would be oppression. – Thomas Jefferson

    You folks most certainly do not represent my family.

  16. You people are cave dwelling bigots who, thankfully, will die out and be long forgotten. Eternally viewed as the disgusting leeches to humanities growth and betterment.

  17. My lesbian partner and myself will be getting married when this is overturned. Love is love between consenting adults.