John Stemberger Responds to Boy Scouts’ Decision to Fully Allow Girls into Program and to Earn Coveted Eagle Scout Award

(ORLANDO, FL) In response to the move by the Boy Scouts of America to fully include girls in their programming, Florida Family Policy Council President John Stemberger issued the following statement:

“I am saddened to learn today that the Boy Scouts of America has decided to fully integrate girls into its program and allow them to receive the highest award given to boys, the Eagle Scout award. Instead of allowing boys to be boys, the BSA is sowing increased gender confusion in its troops and gradually destroying the masculine, fraternal and iconic status that the program once had. This move is only the latest in a series of foolish decisions the BSA has made all of which flow from the moral compromise of their 2013 “vote” to allow openly gay boys into the program.

This change makes me even more grateful for Trail Life USA and American Heritage Girls – two Christian Scouting movements that parents can trust.”

John Stemberger is an Eagle Scout, a former Scoutmaster, and a Vigil Honor member of the Order of the Arrow. He was the founder of On My Honor movement and became the Chairman of the Board for Trail Life USA in 2013.  He has two sons formerly in the BSA now boy members of Trail Life USA and two daughters in American Heritage Girls.  TLUSA is a Christian scouting organization for boys which started in 2014 and now has around 30,000 members in 750 troops chartered across  48 states.

The Boy Scouts of America announced its decision to allow girls to join the BSA program and obtain the rank of Eagle Scout, the organization’s highest award earlier today. The BSA Board of Directors voted unanimously for the controversial change to their programming.

7 thoughts on “John Stemberger Responds to Boy Scouts’ Decision to Fully Allow Girls into Program and to Earn Coveted Eagle Scout Award

  1. As a Eagle Scout and a Order of the Arrow member i find this decision completely wrong. What are we becoming in this world that now we have to allow girls into the BOY SCOUTS, are they going to start allowing boys into the GIRL SCOUTS that is why there has always been 2 different parts. I know that girls can do almost anything a boy can do but to mix the 2 is completely wrong. What is going to happen when they go on camp outs, now you will have issues of girls and boys sleeping the same tents and then there will be charges of wrong doings by boys that are sleeping next to girls. It leads to way to many complications, and if you segregate the 2 sexes then there will be lawsuits saying that the girls are not being treated fairly. This is why we have always had the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts. That way there would be no issues with sex and other things that will happen at camping events. And we all know that just because the Boy Scout admin. says that girls can join do we really think that the boys are going to accept them and treat them fairly. We all know that will not happen so there will be lawsuits because of that. This will cause so many more issues than it will solve. And in the future are the Girl Scouts going to start allowing boys in. It will be the same problem all over again. This is something that should have never been a question, Girl Scouts are for the girls, Boy Scouts are for the boys, both the Girl and Boy scouts teach there respected sexes different life values and trades, now mixing the 2 will cause everything to change. And sometimes change is not good, there was no problem with the way it was. This is just my personal view on this and it may not be that everyone feels, But as a Boy Scout for over 12 years and still actively involved locally in my hometown, I find this decision horrible, and will now have to reconsider my decision to stay active in the Boy Scouts.

  2. The BSA has a bent nose over Trail Life USA forming and “stealing membership”, but they have no problem doing so from the GSA. I expect that there will be another exodus wave coming to TLUSA, AHG, Royal Rangers and Missionettes. This move by the BSA will backfire on them. A company can strong arm employees, but with volunteers groups, people vote with their feet and wallets.

  3. “The Fool has said there is no God”! I said it from the very beginning as a BSA Chaplain. The first BSA membership change was tantamount to denying the God basis of the BSA Oath and Law, which is the foundation of all flourishing societies. Unfortunately, pragmatism ruled the day as usual and most held on to the Status Quo. Most Believes and Churches choose to stay in their comfort zone in the name of compassion and not being judgmental, etc. and now, sadly, they are wedded to a sinking ship and are on the wrong side of History; that is His Story! Thankfully, there is still time for repentance and recovery!

  4. I am so thankful that someone is taking a stand and I whole heartily agree that the Boy Scouts is to stay BOY Scouts. NO GIRLS!
    Bottom Line is: BOY Scouts for BOYS ONLY!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Thank you for clearly expressing what many of us feel, John.
    Since starting as a Cub Scout — Lobato in Venezuela — and after 60 years, I sadly left my last Scout post last month. I’m sorry to see the direction in which Boy Scouts, a great American institution, has taken.
    Thank you of bringing Trail Life into existence. There is yet hope!