Concern for Victims of Colorado Springs Shooting Cited

(Tallahassee, FL) In light of the situation in Colorado Springs and the concern for the victims of the shooting on Friday, the Florida Family Policy Council’s Taxpayers Rally to Defund Planned Parenthood on Monday, December 7, 2015 in Tallahassee at the State Capitol Complex has been rescheduled to the spring of 2016. Compassion and healing for the victims of this horrific act are at the forefront of our thoughts and prayers.

“This violent and horrifying act by someone who has a troubling and violent past, is in complete opposition to the pro-life cause,” said John Stemberger, President of the Florida Family Policy Council. “We believe that we must continue promoting the pro-life message and reiterate the concern we have for every human life including the victims of this tragedy.

“However, we also admonish those on the other side of this issue who are attempting to use this tragedy for their own political gains.

“Florida Governor Rick Scott continues to allow state contracts and taxpayers dollars to fund* the violence that happens inside of Planned Parenthood every day and this must be stopped. But the Taxpayers Rally to Defund Planned Parenthood cannot continue while the families and loved ones of these victims are grieving.

“We will continue to push forward to end abortion and end the taxpayer funding of abortion providers in our state,” said Stemberger.

*Through Florida’s contract with Planned Parenthood as a Medicaid provider and through Title X funding which six other Governor’s and states have discontinued. See here for a full explanation of Florida’s funding of PP.

For more information contact or Nandi Randolph at 407-251-5130.
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