Is the DNC turning it’s back on Christian Democrats?

God’s name has been removed from the Democratic National Committee platform.

The DNC’s 2008 Platform read:

“We need a government that stands up for the hopes, values, and interests of working people, and gives everyone willing to work hard the chance to make the most of their God-given potential.”

The 2012 Platform is void of “God-given.”  It now reads:

“We gather to reclaim the basic bargain that built the largest middle class and the most prosperous nation on Earth – the simple principle that in America, hard work should pay off, responsibility should be rewarded, and each one of us should be able to go as far as our talent and drive take us.”

The DNC has not responded to inquiries regarding their reason or rationale for dropping the mention of God.

Delegates will vote on the platform on Tuesday.

Here is what they’ve decided on for “Faith”:

“Faith has always been a central part of the American story, and it has been a driving force of progress and justice throughout our history. We know that our nation, our communities, and our lives are made vastly stronger and richer by faith and the countless acts of justice and mercy it inspires. Faith- based organizations will always be critical allies in meeting the challenges that face our nation and our world – from domestic and global poverty, to climate change and human trafficking. People of faith and religious organizations do amazing work in communities across this country and the world, and we believe in lifting up and valuing that good work, and finding ways to support it where possible. We believe in constitutionally sound, evidence-based partnerships with faith-based and other non-profit organizations to serve those in need and advance our shared interests. There is no conflict between supporting faith-based institutions and respecting our Constitution, and a full commitment to both principles is essential for the continued flourishing of both faith and country.”

How will Christian Democrats respond?  Will they withhold their votes from Democrat candidates? Will they look the other way?  Will faith or Party loyalty win out.   

We shall see on November 6th…


UPDATE: This proposed language change was voted down by the delegates the day after this post was originally published.

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