Here are nine ways you can help right now:

  1. Phone Banking in Field Offices:
    We have 5 offices around Florida that are working to getting out the vote for the election.  If you live in the Pensacola, Orlando, Tampa, St. Pete or Fort Lauderdale areas we have offices and field operations in these areas doing phone banks and neighborhood walks.  Click here for a map with addresses for all five locations.  Flexible commitment time, usually evenings and weekends between now and the November 2014 election.
  2. Voter Guide County Hub Captains:
    For every county in Florida we need at least one and in some areas more voter guide “County Hub Captains.”  The Captains take charge of organizing the distribution of voter guides to various churches.  This is commitment for the next couple of months and involves finding a team of drivers and meeting together to hand deliver boxes of voter guides to the various churches that have requested them.  To volunteer for this position in your county, contact [email protected]   Training and lists of churches requesting voter guides will be provided.
  3. Voter Guide Hub Location Hosts:
    Hosts are either churches or businesses that will serve as a storage place for multiple boxes of voter guides to be distributed in your county.  The requirements for a host is to have space of about the size of a small bathroom to store the boxes in, regular office hours for churches and groups picking up the guides to come by and receive them, and someone to dispense the voter guides when someone comes to get them.  Commitment level is use of a room to house voter guides till election is over.  To volunteer to be a voter guide Hub Location in your county contact [email protected]
  4. Orlando Office Staff Volunteering:
    From time to time we need help with special projects in our main office in Orlando to throw in with our staff.  If you live in Central Florida and would like to make yourself available to volunteer then contact us at [email protected]
  5. Online Researchers:
    All you need is a computer and some time and we have a number of research projects you could help us with.  To volunteer email us at [email protected]  Commitment is as you have time.
  6. Drivers to Deliver Voter Guides to Churches:
    Volunteer to work with your local county hub to pick up voter guides in your vehicle and distribute them to local churches in your area.  Commitment time is 1-3 mornings or afternoons over next 4 months.  Contact [email protected]
  7. Social Media Ground Team
    If you enjoy social media, reading articles and spending time on the computer then you may be able to help us on our Social Media Ground team to help us with posting new content, troll control, and monitoring our many Facebook and Twitter accounts.  Contact [email protected] with a statement on your background, personal information, any experiences you may have had and your interest in helping.  Commitment 2-3 hours a week.
  8. Volunteering to Work Events and Exhibit at Conferences
    We often have the ability to exhibit and distribute literature at convention and conferences. This task requires a nicely dressed person who is familiar with the FFPC and can talk about what we do and be an ambassador to our organization.  We would be happy to train well spoken supporter to represent us at an exhibit table.  To be contacted in the future for this type of volunteering submit your complete contact information to [email protected]
  9. Local Church Liaison
  10. For every church in Florida we would like to have a person who is willing to be a key contact to the pastor or social issues committee and can let us know how many voter guide are needed, and how we can serve the church in other ways.  Contact [email protected]
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