Join the Protest Planned Parenthood Events Across Florida! 

This Saturday, October 10, from 9-11AM local time, pro-life Americans all across the country but specifically in Florida will gather together to protest Planned Parenthood’s barbaric harvesting of aborted baby parts and the even greater crime of the babies killed in the process. Over 250 of these protests have been organized nationwide – including some international protests. 13 of these protests have been planned in cities across Florida.

We need to work together with every other group moving in the right direction in this historic effort to stop this evil in our state and communities. This is a priority issue for FFPC as we are currently also advocating for Gov. Rick Scott to terminate Florida’s Medicaid contracts with Planned Parenthood and Title X funds from Broward and Collier Counties. Video from our recent press conference launching the #FLDefundPP campaign can be viewed here:

In addition to the protests, here are 4 ways you can ACT NOW to help #FLDefundPP:

According to the website, the following protests are planned for Florida this Saturday, October 10, from 9-11amlocal time unless otherwise noted for a different time in certain locations: 

Boca Raton
Planned Parenthood, 8177 Glades Road (map)
Sponsor: Christian on a Mission

Fort Myers
Planned Parenthood, 8595 College Parkway (map)

Planned Parenthood, 914 NW 13th Street (map)
Sponsor: Pray for Life Network; 40 Days For Life will also participate in this event.

Planned Parenthood, 5978 Powers Avenue (map)
Sponsor: Family for Life
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Planned Parenthood, 2250 E. Edgewood Drive (map)
Sponsor: Christ Church

Planned Parenthood, 11440 SW 88th Street (map)
Sponsor: Catholic Disciples in the Public Square

Planned Parenthood, 726 S. Tampa Avenue (map)

Planned Parenthood, 736 Central Avenue (map)
Note: This event will consist of quiet prayer vigil. Participants encouraged to wear blue.

St. Petersburg
Planned Parenthood, 8950 Dr M.L.K. Jr Street N (map)

Planned Parenthood, 1322 NW Federal Highway (map)

Note: This protest will be from 10:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

Planned Parenthood, 8068 N. 56th Street (map)

Planned Parenthood, 10111 Forest Hill Boulevard (map)

West Palm Beach
Planned Parenthood, 931 Village Boulevard (map)

Winter Haven
Planned Parenthood, 908 Havendale Boulevard NW
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For more information about the purpose and goal of these protests, please read the following statement from ProtestPP:

“To build on the impact of the first national day of protest in August and continue building momentum as additional undercover videos are released, there is going to be a second day of protest at Planned Parenthood locations on this Saturday, October 10.

Additionally, here in Florida we are asking Governor Rick Scott to defund PP by terminating there contract with PP and allocate those funds to one of the 600 other qualified health care providers who can provide women’s health services.

Protests were held at more than 340 sites in August. On October 10 we seek to increase that number significantly, bringing peaceful protests to as many of Planned Parenthood’s 700 health centers as possible, especially those that perform abortions.”

Action Needed
Make plans today to attend one of the Saturday protests. Find out where the nearest ProtestPP location.

Forward this email to a friend or share on your social media accounts.

Invite friends and family to attend a protest with you.

Make custom signs:

  • “Gov. Scott, please defund PP now”
  • “Gov. Scott, PP does not deserve a penny of our tax dollars”
  • “Gov. Scott, PP is involved with waste, fraud and illegal activity”
  • “Gov. Scott, please cut the Medicaid contract with PP”

Pray! Pray that many people attend these protests to defend the sanctity of life. Pray that hearts are changed through these protests. Pray for the safety of everyone who is protesting Planned Parenthood on Saturday morning. 

Document the protests on Saturday. Take pictures and post to social media. Tweet the notable remarks from the speakers at the protests. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #ProtestPP!  Send us your photos and location through a private message to the Florida Family Policy Council Facebook page.

Follow FFPC’s coverage of some of the protests through our Facebook and Twitter pages.

ACT NOW! In addition to the protests, here are 4 ways you can ACT NOW to help #FLDefundPP:

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