New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, like 99% of liberals, believes that it’s a woman’s, and even a teenage girl’s, right to have an abortion, because it is her body and her choice.  Interestingly, or rather, hypocritically, Mayor Bloomberg is the man behind the charge to ban soft drinks of larger than 16 ounces due to obesity.   So while “choice” applies to ending another human life, it doesn’t apply to what you put in your own body according to Mr. Bloomberg.

“NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Every single menu in New York City could soon be getting a major overhaul if Mayor Michael Bloomberg has his way.

The man behind calorie counts is set to announce a new public health initiative to battle obesity, taking aim at super-sized sugary drinks.

In other words, it may soon be time to say goodbye to those Big Gulps, those Slurpees or even Venti at Starbucks, CBS 2’s Derricke Dennis reported.

“That’s okay,” one person said.

No it’s not, according to Mayor Bloomberg, who is set to propose a ban on sugary drinks over 16 ounces everywhere, all across the city.

“I disagree with it, because it’s the right to choose. If you want to drink a Slurpee, you should be allowed to drink a Slurpee,” said Jamie Sawyer, a tourist from Oklahoma.

“Stupid, he did a lot of good things, but this he shouldn’t do,” added Art Lensvelt, a tourist from Amsterdam, Holland.

Dennis found Lensvelt enjoying his sugary iced coffee. He then found police officers actually fighting over Slurpees. Other items that figure to be banned are Gatorade, those fountain drinks at the movies, and, yes, the popular Big Gulp.

“That’s a good idea. A lot of obese people are in New York,” Canarsie resident Jillian Russell said.
And the mayor apparently agrees, taking aim at the sugar in sodas and some juices in an effort to reduce New Yorkers’ waistlines.

However, the NYC Beverage Association is opposed, saying in a statement: “The city is not going to address the obesity issue by attacking soda, because soda is not driving the obesity rates. The overall American diet is.

Either way, lovers of sugary drinks said Bloomberg should take a dip.

“Mayor Bloomberg, let us have our Slurpees, please,” one resident said.”

If the liberal left battles School Choice by opposing charter and private school funding, Economic Choice by pushing higher taxes, Insurance/Health Care Choice by supporting Obamacare, Land Use Choice by blocking land development, Parental Choice by attempting to pass child abuse laws for spanking, and Voter Choice by supporting term limits why is “CHOICE” one of the main foundations on which most liberals stand?

The fact is that while all of these “choice” issues are important, none is as critical as Life.  None ends a human life and deems it “ok” because it was someone’s personal choice.  

Hypocrisy, plain and simple.

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