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 Your support today will help DEFUND Planned Parenthood in Florida!
Dear Friend,Can one man change the course of history?

YES. And this is one of those rare moments in time. This one most critical issue, the opportunity to defund Planned Parenthood in Florida, will forever define Governor Scott’s legacy – one way or the other. This will be either his moment in history defining strength of character as a real proactive pro-life governor, or the greatest blunder of his political career.

Just so that we are clear on this issue – Governor Scott HAS signed pro-life bills into law, which the FL legislature passed and brought before him. And for that we are grateful. We have also publicly thanked him for this in the past.

But today, we are asking him not to simply sign a bill into law, we are asking him to be a real pro-life governor and take the initiative and leadership role, which his position allows him, as the highest ranking State Official in Florida.

The fact is, Governor Scott has the lawful ability – and fiscal and ethical responsibility–to discontinue the state’s funding of Planned Parenthood through Medicaid and Title X provision.  In Florida, executive action has terminated hundreds of providers over the past two decades, and terminating Planned Parenthood should be no different.

We need your help to rally thousands, even hundreds of thousands of Floridians, to encourage him to make the right decision!  (To help us reach and motivate other Floridians to contact Gov. Scott, you can give a gift toward this campaign HERE.) 

You’re probably aware of the national outcry in recent months to defund Planned Parenthood. And like many pro-life Americans, initially, you’ve probably said, “It’s about time!”  But like most of us, life gets busy… and what once outraged us, over time can desensitize us, and we become numb to it. The urgency to do something about what once outraged us, seems to fade a little with each passing day.

Friends, now is not the time to let this issue fade away.  

Now is the time to increase our effort, put the full spotlight on the issue, clear up the misinformation, and DEFUND PLANNED PARENTHOOD in Florida FOR GOOD!

You may have watched national presidential debates where former Governor Jeb Bush claims to have defunded Planned Parenthood in FL when he was in office.

That is possible, but regardless of what might have happened years ago, the FACT is that today, tax-payer dollars are STILL going to Planned Parenthood here in Florida. 

And one man can stop it.

We met with some of the Governor’s key staff and asked for him to defund Planned Parenthood.  Next we sent a respectful, but formal, letter directly to the Governor.  Silence. No response.  To view a copy of the letter I sent to the Governor click HERE.

So, finally, with no alternative left, we took our request of the Governor public, with a press conference in Tallahassee.




We officially launched the DEFUND Planned Parenthood campaign for Florida.  

And we need your help.

We are reminding Governor Scott that, during both of his gubernatorial campaigns, he campaigned as a conservative pro-life candidate. When he needed to get elected, he came to you and me, as pro-life conservatives asking for our vote.

press confNow he has a chance to prove he is a real pro-life governor and make good on that claim.

We’re calling on Gov. Scott to stop tax-payer funding of Planned Parenthood through Medicaid and Title X funding.  

Through the undercover video series, PP has shown it’s true colors.  For the sake of profit, their business practices have proven to be unethical, fraudulent, and even illegal. Not one more dime of our tax-payer money should go to fund this organization.

The videos showing Planned Parenthood’s business practices have shocked the country and finally awakened the conscience of America.   

We met with the Governor’s key staff; we sent a formal letter directly to the Governor; we appealed to him publicly in the press conference to defund Planned Parenthood.  And we have still not heard back from him or his office directly.

We have seen him quoted in some news sources since our press conference launching the campaign, still claiming he is pro-life. But actions speak louder than words.  

While many issues are important, this issue is literally one of LIFE and DEATH.

I am praying the Governor comes to his senses and acts on this, and I invite you to pray for him as well.

But God does not expect us to just sit back and pray.  He expects us to act as well, for faith without works is dead.



Together, you and I can stop this now.

Since the first video was released, 13 states (including Florida!) have opened investigations into Planned Parenthood. At least five—Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, New Hampshire and Utah—have cut off funds for the abortion seller. Just this week, Texas defunded Planned Parenthood.

This is our moment of opportunity in Florida.

children at rally
Your support to defund Planned Parenthood will help save lives.

You and I must rally thousands of pro-life voices, and make this effort impossible to ignore.  And with your help today, Florida Family Policy Council intends to flood Governor Scott’s office with letters, phone calls, and emails respectfully but firmly requesting action.

To contact Governor Scott, click HERE.

To give a gift today, click HERE.

This could be the tipping point in Florida history, and our best opportunity for years to defund Planned Parenthood, save preborn babies, and protect their mothers.

Your gift today can help stop our tax dollars from funding America’s biggest abortion seller.

Please give prayerfully and as generously as you can.  Now is the time to save babies.  Now is the time to defund Planned Parenthood in Florida!

And with your help we can do it.


John Stemberger

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