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An Advancing LGBTQ Movement: What Should Christians Do?
America Family Association
Part of the strength of the LGBTQ movement has been its ability to intimidate and bully its opponents. However, part of its success has also been its capacity to warp the truth of God’s word. So-called “gay theology” has become a deceptive siren song that is swiftly capturing hearts and minds within the one bulwark that had remained standing firmly against the movement – the evangelical church. This one-two punch of intimidation and twisted theology has created an atmosphere of both fear and delusion. The issue of homosexuality and transgenderism threatens to divide the church.

How to respond to the LGBT movement
Peter Spriggs, Family Research Council
There are certainly overlaps between the homosexual and transgender movements—both assert a radical personal autonomy even in defiance of the natural characteristics and complementarity of the two sexes. As a result, the two movements have also been allied politically more often than not. However, there are also sufficient conceptual differences between the issues of “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” for them to be addressed separately. Here, FRC will recount some of the major claims asserted by these two movements, and explain based on the science and evidence why those claims are inaccurate.

Gay activist’s war against Christianity
Ed Vitagliano
While they claim to want only equal protection under law, the real agenda of homosexual activists is simple: the complete alteration of American society to fit the homosexual view of human sexuality, marriage and family.

God’s Plan for Gay Agenda
John MacArthur
How should you respond to the success of the gay agenda? Should you accept the recent trend toward tolerance? Or should you side with those who exclude homosexuals with hostility and disdain? In reality, the Bible calls for a balance between what some people think are two opposing reactions—condemnation and compassion. Really, the two together are essential elements of biblical love, and that’s something the homosexual sinner desperately needs.

Gay Rights – Homosexuality from Several Viewpoints
Faith Facts
There are several aspects to the cultural debate surrounding homosexual behavior. In this article we will summarize the key considerations.

Homosexuality is Not a Civil Right
Peter Sprigg
This essay is not a legal treatise, but an exploration of the philosophical justification for including various characteristics as categories of protection under historic civil rights laws—and why “sexual orientation” simply does not compare with them.

Understanding the GLBT Political Agenda And What You Can Do About It
Peter Sprigg
In the span of a few short years, American culture has undergone a breath-taking shift in attitudes about homosexuality and transgenderism. Behaviors that were recently viewed by most to be unseemly, if not immoral, are now embraced. What was good is now evil. What was evil is now good. And while homosexual and transgender activists insist that there is no agenda in play, a closer look shows that this 180-degree turn was no accident.

 Websites, Books and Media

‘Are People Born Gay?’
Focus on the Family

Debating Religious Liberty and Discrimination (Video)
The Heritage Foundation

Gay Marriage: Now What? (Video)
Dr. Albert Mohler
Discussion of marriage in the US, homosexuality, and what the Christian should do when faced with these difficult questions.

Impact of Same-Sex Parenting on Children: Evaluating the Research
The Heritage Foundation

Sexuality and Gender: Findings from the Biological, Psychological, and Social Sciences
The New Atlantis

Debating Religious Liberty and Discrimination (Book)
Ryan T. Anderson, PhD; John Corvino; Sherif Girgis
Virtually everyone supports religious liberty, and virtually everyone opposes discrimination. But how do we handle the hard questions that arise when exercises of religious liberty seem to discriminate unjustly? How do we promote the common good while respecting conscience in a diverse society?

Loving My (LGBT) Neighbor: Being Friends in Grace & Truth (Book)
Glenn Stanton
In light of and despite the divisive issue that homosexuality has become in both culture and the church, Loving My (LGBT) Neighbor is conceived and thoughtfully written for the Christian layperson or clergy who want to learn how to receive and interact with their gay or lesbian neighbors in a substantively Christ-honoring way. It is for the individual who is trying to find a balance between extremes, a middle ground between wholesale, uncritical acceptance or bigoted, hateful exclusion. It focuses squarely on providing carefully developed scripturally-based wisdom from real-life situations.

A Queer Thing Happened to America: And What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been (Book)
Dr. Michael Brown
Forty years ago, most Americans said they didn’t know anyone who was homosexual and claimed to know little or nothing about homosexuality. Today, there’s hardly a sitcom without a prominent gay character, movies like Milk and Brokeback Mountain have won Oscars, and even People magazine celebrated the marriage of Ellen Degeneres and Portia DeRossi. A Queer Thing Happened to America chronicles the amazing transformation of America over the last forty years, and addresses the question head-on: Is there really a gay agenda, or is it a fiction of the religious right?

Love Thy Body (Book)
Nancy Pearcey
Are transgender people discovering their authentic selves? Is today’s culture really liberating? Does abortion lead to equality for women? In this respectful but riveting expose, Pearcey addresses difficult questions about issues of life and sexuality. Her gripping true stories will empower you to intelligently and compassionately engage today’s most controversial moral and social challenges.

When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment (Book)
Ryan T. Anderson, PhD
The transgender movement has hit breakneck speed. In the space of a year, it’s gone from something that most Americans had never heard of to a cause claiming the mantle of civil rights. But can a boy truly be “trapped” in a girl’s body? Can modern medicine really “reassign” sex? Is sex something “assigned” in the first place? What’s the loving response to a friend or child experiencing a gender-identity conflict? What should our law say on these issues?

Christian Ethics: An Introduction to Biblical Moral Reasoning (Book)
Wayne Grudem
How can we live in a culture that’s increasingly hostile to Christian values? How can we apply Scripture to the ethics of marriage and divorce, birth control, abortion, euthanasia, homosexuality, business practices, environmental stewardship, knowing God’s will, and other issues? Best-selling author and professor Wayne Grudem distills over forty years of teaching experience into a single volume aimed at helping readers apply a biblical worldview to difficult ethical issues.

The Homosexual Agenda: Exposing the Principal Threat to Religious Freedom Today (Book)
Craig Osten, Alan Sears
Authors Alan Sears and Craig Osten expose the goals of the homosexual movement and its rising legal activism.

The Agenda: The homosexual plan to change America (Book)
Louis P. Sheldon
Homosexual activists want their sexual lifestyles to be a civil right, but did you know that they seek to silence the truth about homosexuality and abolish moral judgment in any form? The Agenda takes you inside the culture war, exposing the shocking methods of the “gay” campaign and the strategies homosexual activists are employing to transform American society radically.


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